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What are the Physical characteristics of the Inuit people?

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A true Inuit person, my ancestors, have a rounded, kind of chubby face, high cheekbones, almond shaped dark brown eyes, dark brown/black hairs. Epicanthic fold, but not present amongst all inuit. Flat nose-bridge, flatter face in general, usually shorter than other people, dark skin and the skin is thick, the eyelids are thick and the face is structured to defend from the cold wind of the arctic. The hair is thick, sleek and naturally oily. Strongly built and perfectly adapted to the cold :)

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Why were the inuit people called inuit?

Inuit means the people

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Did the Inuit People have slaves?

this app is a scam don't do anything lol

What are Inuits?

Inuit is the correct term for the people often called "Eskimo". They are not the same race as American Indians, and they are also different to the Aleut people of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and Russia. The word Inuit means "the people". Among other racial characteristics, Inuit people have greater bone mineral density (BMD) than American Indians. The link takes you to an historical image of a Canadian Inuit woman:

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Where did the Inuit tribe get its name?

In the language of the Inuit people, "Inuit" means "the people". The language developed over 5,000 years.AnswerThe meaning of Inuit is "the people" coming from the Inuktitut language.

What did the inuit people do for recreation?

inuit games.

What does inuit mean?

Inuit means, "the people".

Who made kayak?

the inuit people in CANADA the inuit people in CANADA

What does the name 'Inuit' mean?

our people

What is the name of the territory that the Inuit people own?

The Inuit people lived in Nunavut.

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Are the inuit people still alive?

Yes the inuit people still alive today

Famous people of the inuit tribe?

what was the faous person from the inuit

Most of the people who live in Nunavut are?

inuit, they speak inuit

Where do inuit people work?

The Inuit mostly work in Alaska.

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