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What are the Substances that are necessary for body building?


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January 12, 2012 4:16PM

If you are just starting body building don't hit the substances to hard. Whey protein is good for repairing muscle quicker. When taking whey protein or any protein you must drink water and lots of it, if I have 3 shakes a day (pre,post,night) I would drink about 4L of water, the rule is to keep urine clear, as part of the protein is waste product and if not flushed out of the kidneys it can cause problems.

Supplement wise A healthy body will always work best: zinc, magnesium, vit C, cod liver oil are good to take but try not to exceed your RDA. If you have a good diet your body will run more optimal (white meat and brown carbs).

But remember muscles don't come in a tub, only take what you feel your body needs.

Good luck.