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Vibration while moving

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Q: What are the Symptoms of a out of balance tire?
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How much does tire rotation cost?

In my area a tire rotation and balance runs around $40In my area a tire rotation and balance runs around $40

Have a Nissan Maxima it vibrates at high speeds why?

Tire balance or tire belt separation (bad tire) would be my guess. check your wheel balance

How do you balance my tires?

Take it to a tire shop, and they will spin balance them.

How can you tell when a tire is out of balance?

There will be uneven wear that does not match the other tires. There can also be noise you will hear or bouncing that you can feel on the steering wheel that can alert you to the tire being out of balance. The best thing is to have it spun at a tire shop to check the rotation of the tire to correct the balance problem.

How much does a tire mount and balance cost?

About @20.00 to $25.00 per tire.

What is an out of round tire?

Exactly what it sounds like. The tire isn't perfectly round, and has become more egg-shaped. It can cause vibrations, howling/thumping noises, etc. These symptoms will get worse the faster you drive. You can try having your local tire shop balance the wheel (usually about $10), but if the tire truly is out of round then you will have to replace it.

Are there different types of tire balance?


What is proper tire balance for a 95 Cutlass?

32lbs each tire is a good bet.

Why does my rear car tire shake?

Tire out of balance, wheel bent, or there is a defect in the tire. A bad shock will also cause the tire to bounce.

Why does your truck shake when you drive?

Possibilities: Bad u-joint, worn front end part, slipped belt in tire, tire out of balance, bad steering damper. These are areas to start, more details/symptoms needed to give you more ideas.

Is A tire out of balance dynamically can cause a shimmy-type vibration?

Yes, it can. Take it for balance

What cause a shimmy at certain speeds on my Chevy Impala front wheel drive?

More than likely you have a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.More than likely you have a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

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