What are the Ten most Beautiful Places in Mindanao?


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in random order

1) Davao City - aside from lots of mall , and good night life. there are lot of resort in this area. if you going to mindanao it is not complete if you don't visit davao.

2) samal - island in davao city , nice beach , good for snorkling and scuba,

3)Bukidnon. - the place is cool , you can feel the pine tree, and the cold wind, and you can taste lots of very sweet pineapple.

4)GenSan- a city of tuna, in southern mindano

5) Cagayan de Oro City- there are mall and aside from nature tripping

6) Zamboanga - latin city in mindanao .. try to speak like Latino chavacano

7) mt apo - the magnificent mountain in mindanao

8) siargao surigao - experience surfing , beautiful beaches

9)sarangani - beautiful beaches undiscovered

10) tawi tawi - there are lot of beautiful beaches un developed

not all in mindanao is dangerous area ,, and not all in mindanao are Muslim area.. there are peaceful place in mindanao mostly in christian area,,, be careful to deal with the Muslim in mindano there are cruel and sometimes uncivilize people like the ampatuan in maguindanao southern middle part of mindanao .they are dangerous and clan