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Accepting different types of credit cards can benefit your business in several ways. First, and foremost, it is always important to give your customers the most options possible. Giving them the option to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover will always benefit you more than giving them only two options. The second option is that credit card companies will compete against each other to give you lower costs than their competitors. Visa, for example, has recently targeted supermarkets with a marketing program that makes credit more affordable. They give grocers a discount rate every time a shopper pays with a Visa card. Since the high rates are what have been discouraging many grocers from accepting credit cards, this discount rate has helped many finally make the move to accepting credit. Discover Card is another company that has been extremely responsive to small businesses because they are eager to expand their own business. Discover has been known to willingly negotiate fees that are consistently lower than Visa and MasterCard. However, you have to equal this out with how many people use the credit cards you offer. If you accept Discover because that company gives you the better deal, it won

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages between the different credit cards such as Visa and Discover?
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