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What are the advantages and disadvantages of biogas?


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June 07, 2012 12:10PM

Biogas is methane collected in a power plant from decomposing animal manure and organic matter, which is sometimes grown specially for this purpose.


  1. Firstly, I would like to say that biogas is not a thing to throw away just like that. because, having it will remove the fear that the world will one day face shortage crisis of natural gas. And Government will spend less for imported gas.
  2. Secondly, biogas will encourage majority participation in the natural resources trade, that is, there would no longer be a CARTEL comprising of few nations who control the prices of natural gas, in a monopolistic manner.
  3. Thirdly, biogas would remove this attitude of some nations in the world today, who engage in the practice of using natural gas to sign agreements to assist the other in time of war, and get a certain percentages of this resources as the benefit.
  4. Fourthly, biogas will enable majority of communities in different countries, to participate actively in the power sector, since these raw materials would be extracted from these communities in various countries of the world. And thereby encourage rapid development from the Rural Areas in various countries of the world.
  5. Fifth, biogas will encourage large production output, and less production cost, due to the fact that we would no longer need to, for instance, go far to order for the resources needed for production, and no TIME WASTAGE, but limited time, due to the fact that everything would become within reach. Furthermore, INFLATION would be completely reduced to the ground, since we would now have enough resources to set a balance in prices of goods and production cost.
  6. Sixth, biogas would bring about JOBs CREATION, and encourages new inventions like chemical experiments, Agricultural development and methods of improving large scale farming. Then, more industries would be created, and a new improved living would be experienced by low income earners in the populace, and this would reduce urban congestion in most countries.


To mention but few;

  1. Biogas would encourage deflation of goods prices, due to many producers, and surplus goods availability to the populace.
  2. biogas will bring about high corruption level, from the top to the lowest level in the public.
  3. pollution would be on the increase both sound, air, and water pollution. due to many industrial waste materials in the society.
  4. There would be FOOD SHORTAGE, in the countries in the world, especially those nations with limited land for food production. And since BIOGAS would involve using raw materials from both cash crops and otherwise. And the fact that not all the nations in the world, have land for farming activities e.g, The nations living on Islands, and others in the deserts. this sets of nations would be denied the necessary means of survival.


Advantages of biogas

  • Use as a renewable fuel
  • No additional greenhouse gas emissions (it removes and then releases the same amount of carbon dioxide)
  • Waste is disposed of at the same time and in the same operation
  • Consumes methane that might otherwise leak into the atmosphere and increase the greenhouse effect
  • Biogas can also be used on a small scale, eg a pig farm

Disadvantages of biogas

  • The main disadvantage is the loss of the organic waste for compost or fertiliser
  • Very limited in the quantity of electricity it can produce on the global scale
  • There is little or no control on the rate of gas production, although the gas can, to some extent be stored and used as required.