What are the advantages of Mac OS X?

Mac OS X has several advantages over Windows. These include:

-Mac OS X's Aqua UI takes up less system resources than Windows's Aero UI.

-Mac OS X has better security (though it's by obscurity) than Windows and you are much less likely to get your Mac infected than a PC.

-Mac OS X has a simple, easy-to-use interface perfect for Technophobics, Kids, and Geeks alike. It's easy enough for the home user, and powerful enough for the programmers.

-Mac OS X has the iLife and iWork suites by Apple which work beautifully and integrate with each other (something you can't say about PC equivalents). All the programs in OS X work flawlessy and invisibly together, making everyting from E-Mailing to making a Home Movie DVD a snap.

-Mac computers overall last longer (in years) than Windows PCs, and they can be sold on eBay for a big portion of what you paid for them. (Sometimes up to 3/4 of what you spent on it can be gotten back by selling it)

-If you need to run a Windows program, you can run Boot Camp on all Leopard Intel Macs and install Windows on your Mac. When you need a Windows program, just reboot into Windows. When you're done, you can reboot back into Mac OS X. You can even run Mac and Windows applications at the same time with software like VMWare Fusion or Paralells.

-Contrary to popular belief, Macs can run many games out for PC without the need to use Boot Camp, Paralells, or VMWare Fusion. However, most developers don't actually make the games for Mac in the first place, and it can take 1-2 years from the game's release for PC for a 3rd party developer to make it for Mac. Many developers are making games for Mac now, and Blizzard has always made their games for Mac.

Some games you can play on Mac without Windows are:

-World of Warcraft


-Warcraft III


-Age of Mythology

-and more. Check out Apple's directory of Mac games here:


You may also download Steam which has over 100 games for Mac OS X such as Half-Life 2 and Portal.

Some disadvantages are:

-Macs can't be upgraded. This isn't a concern for the average home users, who probably don't upgrade their PCs anyway.

-Mac cost more, but as i have said above they last longer and can be resold for more than Windows PCs. (I have a 1998 iMac and I can run Mac OS X Panther 10.3.9 from 2005 on it and it runs just fine. Great for quick web browsing or listening to music in the kitchen.)