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There are no advantages.

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2014-10-16 20:08:45
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Q: What are the advantages of being a bully?
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How do you make a bully not a bully?

just say there is no point being a bully

What are the advantages of a bully?

well the advantages of being a bully are that everyone will be scared of you and they would not want to mess with you. Heres an example say you come up to a guy in your school and say do my homework. If he says no threaten to beat him up and he might get scared and do your homework. But the bully can have friends. Say your a bully and you know some people who are also bullies and you can ask them to be your friend. So in the end lots of people will be scared of you but on the brightside they will do anything you want

How do you know if you are being bullied?

you think about it. was someone being mean to you? did they cyber bully, phically bully, or verbally you?

What if a bully bullies a bully but the bully that was bullying the bully gets bullied by the bully that was being bullied by the bully?

Can't we all just get along? He might think twice the next time.

What is a name for someone who makes fun of people?

its calld a bully but never be one or your not going to have any friends i prmise that being a bully is not a good idea take my advise i speak from expiriences from not being friends with a bully she stopd being a bully becaus she was lonly

What is the meaning of bullyitis?

- a person who is getting into the bully's head - when a bully is into your head and passes it on - when you are becoming a bully - when you get bullied then you get angry with everyone else - when a bully gets into your head - when you catch a bully's meanness - when the bully gets into your head - when a bully bully's someone, they become a bully too - a bully's attitude turns you into a bully - a bully is being mean to you and then you become a bully - someone got into the bully's head and bullys other people - a bunch of bullies come and bully you - when you do something very bad and you don't mean it - bullies are bullying you and then you are sad - someone is being mean to you

Will there be an ant bully 2?

There haven't been any reports of there being an Ant Bully 2. The movie Ant Bully was released in 2006.

Is misha b on x factor a bully?

She was accused of being a bully by other contestants but it was never proven.

What is another word for being mean?

another word for being mean is being a bully.

Why would no one admit they bully?

NO one will admit they bully because they do not want to get in trouble.In some cases the bully is rude to the teacher and the person being bullied.

What could you say to someone that is being a bully?


A word for someone purposely being mean?

A bully!

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