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What are the advantages of flocculent vs clarifier for clearing up pool water?

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From what I gather from reading the back of the bottle of Clarifier that I use in my pool a Clarifier is a Flocculent. The clarifier contains a polymer that attracts the smaller particles floating around in the pool that are too small to be filtered through some filtration systems. As the clarifier attracts the smaller particles it becomes large enough for the filtration system to filter it out of the water thus clariying the pool water.

2009-06-23 19:37:47
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Q: What are the advantages of flocculent vs clarifier for clearing up pool water?
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What is the purpose of a Lamella clarifier?

Lamella Clarifier is a particular brand of inclined plate clarifier. Their products are used to clarify and recycle by separating particles and dirt from unclean water.

What is cloudy?

When there are clouds. :) If you are talking about cloudy pool water, it could be a number of things. Take a water sample to a retail pool store for testing. If the cloudiness remains after you balance the water, try adding a flocculent. If it still remains, try shocking the pool, then adding a flocculent again.

What should you do if your pool water is very milky and shocking makes it more milky?

First hit it with a copper based algae side. If that doesn't start clearing it up Go to the pool shop and get a strong clarifier. Turn of the filtration equipment and cast the clarifier evenly over the water and let it settle for a couple of days. you will note that the water is now crystal clear except for a layer at the bottom of the pool. Gently vacuum this layer to waste. Do not put it through your filter. Then top up the pool.

Cloudy pool water after shock?

Add clarifier, available at your local pool supply.

Difference between a oil purifier and oil clarifier?

Basically, a clarifier is attached just after the purifier in the fuel line. While the main function of a purifier is to separate the dissolved water, impurities and sludge from the fuel oil, a clarifier removes any solid foreign material that is not removed from the oil after it passes through the purifier.

How do you get rid of hazzy pool water?

Make sure your chemicals are balanced and add a clarifier available at your pool supply dealer.

How often should water clarifier be used in pool?

Not too often as it tends to block up filters unles you vacuum to waste.

Is there a liquid you can add to pool water to remove silt?

Clarifier helps it clump together and fall to the bottom so that it can be vacuumed up.

If the pH level is good and the water is still cloudy what can i do?

Add a clarifier, available at you pool supply store

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You used 32 ounces of clarifier to your 30 round above ground pool for cloudiness The pool still looks cloudy what do you do?

Why is my 30 foot round pool still cloudy after adding clarifier Arre you filtering the water more than 18 hrs per day? Hum, why not?

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Does drinking water help to pass an ETG test?

yes lots of water does by clearing the system faster.

How do you turn milky water back to sparkling clear?

Try hitting it with a clarifier, your pool shop will have it in stock. First hit it with an algaecide then cast a clarifier over the surface of the pool and let it rest without the pump going for at least a full 24 hours. At that time you will notice that the pool water is clear except a layer at the bottom, carefully vacuum this layer out to waste, do not put it through the filter

Can you use a water clarifier as a conditioner when you do a water change?

Daejia Montgomery is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sexy

How do you treat a cloudy swimming pool?

A simple water clarifier available at pool stores and retailers such as Lowes or Walmart will clear up the water. Use as directed. It only takes a few ounces.Balance chemicals and add a clarifier available at you local pool supplyYou need to get your water tested to see what is causing it. Take a sample to a local pool dealer, they can test it and they should also be able to tell you what you need to put in it to clear it up.

How do you clear a green vynal swimming pool?

Try a combination of algaecide and flocculent ask your pool shop about the best brand available in your area, then follow the instructions. you will loose about a foot of water but its quick and economical.

Will swimming pool water be cloudy if the stablelizer is low?

Not likely, make sure all chemicals are balanced. If still cloudy, use a clarifier sold at pool stores.

Cloudy and greenish looking water in vinyl swimming pool?

Shock treatment for the green part. If it is still cloudy you can add a clarifier sold at your local pool supply.

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If your water is relatively rusty what can you do to get clear water in your 15' x 42 inch above ground pool?

Use a water clarifier sold at pool stores. Filter water longer. k Search question under "how do you clean rusty pool water". The answer there works like a charm