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A nuclear power plant generates no air pollution, and a lot of energy.
generates more engery
Nuclear power stations generate lots of electricity and it is a relatively clean way of doing so. They need less fuel to run on, and it is cheaper for the public. Coal power stations release carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide which contribute to global warming and acid rain. Nuclear power stations are safer than coal power stations (because the soot and ash particles from the coal station can cause breathing problems in humans). Nuclear power stations have lots of safety installations so in case of a problem, they can be shut down.
Nuclear power generation is cleaner to produce than fossil-fuels. However it is more hazardous to process the waste materials, which stay radio-active for many years.

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Q: What are the advantages of nuclear power?
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Advantages of nuclear power?

If you're talking about nuclear power vs. other forms of industrial power, the easier question is "Disadvantages of nuclear power." Because there are none.

What are the advantages of nuclear?

A nuclear power plant does not require a lot of space to operate. Nuclear power does not emit carbon into the air. Nuclear power does not pollute the air with smoke particles. Nuclear power is not dependent on the weather.

Nuclear power advantages and disadvantages?

An advantage of nuclear power is that it can generate massive amounts of energy. A disadvantage is that it can be dangerous.

What are the advantages of nuclear power plant?

An advantage of a nuclear power plant is that it doesnÕt contribute to global warming. It is also a dependable type of power.

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plant?

Advantages: Clean, lots of work done. Disadvantages: Meltdowns are catastrophic (even if uncommon). France is the leading nuclear power producer.

What are the advantages of Kudankulam nuclear power plant?

they provide high amount of power and electricity

What are the advantages of nuclear power plants?

they provide higher amount of power and electricity than normal power plants.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bataan nuclear power plants?

An advantage of Bataan nuclear power plants is that they can be run cheaply. A disadvantage is that malfunctioning power plants can lead to disaster.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of nuclear energy?

A nuclear power plant needs much less fuel than a power plant that uses coal or oil. Also, nuclear power plants do not give off smoke.

Advantages of nuclear fusion process over nuclear fission to generate electricity?

one of them is that fusion power leaves no nuclear waste while fission does

What is the adventages and disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plants?

Nuclear Power Plants are used to help generate electricity. The advantages of Nuclear Power Plants are the efficiency and low immediate pollution. The disadvantages are the radioactive waste and possibility of a meltdown.

Advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear energy?

There is a long list of advantages of using nuclear energy like power health agriculture , crime detection , power sources, isotopes and others but it has highest disadvantage of mass destruction and radioactivity

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