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What is patrilineal system?

Patrilineal system is when you descend from your father and not your mother.

Where the Inuit tribe matrilineal or patrilineal?

Their society was patrilineal.

Is mali a matrilneal or patrilineal society?

Mali is patrilineal.

What are the advantages of multiple inheritance over single inheritance?

The advantages of multiple inheritance over single inheritance include being a realistic software model. It is useful in breaking down complicated behavior into sets of characteristics that does not interfere with one another.

What is the system called that uses family lineages to govern people?

patrilineal (male), matrilineal (female)

During the Middle Ages primogeniture in which the oldest son inherited the land of the family was a common practice?

Patrilineal System

Is songhai matrilineal or patrilineal?


What society is the asante were?


Advantages of information system?

what are the advantages of information system

Advantages of centralized system over centralised system?

what is Centralized system Advantages ?

What are the advantages of inheritance?

Advantages of Inheritance1) Code Re-usability2) consumes less time3) Without changing the super class we can add some more methods in the super class by inheriting it in the derived class

Was the shoshone matrilineal or patrilineal?


Advantages of inheritance in java programming language?

it minimizes the amount of duplicate code in an application

What are the unique advantages of an object oriented programming paradigm?

Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction.

What are the advantages of Management Information System?

what are the advantages of management information system

What advantages does a decimal money system have?

What advantages does a decimal money system have/?

Advantages and disadvantages of barter system?

advantages of barter system in headings

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the babylonian system?

WHAT are the advantages and disadvantage of the babylonian system

Advantages of single inheritance?

Some advantages are: a. The child class comfortably extends all behavior from its parent class b. There is no confusion about who the parent class of this class in the inheritance hierarchy c. All public features of the parent are available at the child's disposal

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inheritance tax?

An advantage of the inheritance tax is that it raises money for the government. A disadvantage is that people that inherit property may not have the means to pay the taxes on the items.

Were the Cherokee tribe patrilineal or matrilineal?


Were the Iroquois societies Matrilineal or Patrilineal?


What is the the advantages of grading system in education?

there are no advantages

What types of inheritance in Java programming?

Java uses a hybrid system of inheritance. The designers chose a compromise between strict single inheritance and full multiple inheritance.See the related questions section below for more information.

List of advantages and dis advantages of luggage security system in train?

list of advantages and disadvantages of luggage security system