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what are the advantages of specifications in logistic management

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Q: What are the advantages of specification in logistics management?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of job specification?

what are the advantages of job specification

Does production management come under logistics management?

No, logistics management is generally a peer to production management.

What are the principles of logistics management?

Logistics management is the planning and scheduling of transport operations through proper fleet

What do you think the advantages are of having a site specification?

my advantages of having a site specification is to know more about the site

What is the aspect of logistics management that relate to organisation and implementation?

The aspects of logistics management that relates to the organisation and implementation include?

Where is management information system currently used?


What are 5 p's of logistics management?

the 4 p's of operationa management are: people parts plants processes planning system

Explain the function of logistics management?

The function of logistics management is to ensure smooth running of the business. It ensures that good or services are availed wherever they are need at the time required.

What are the advantages of line management?

what are the advantages of line management?

Objectives of logistics management?

There are many objectives of logistics management. They include operating objectives, rapid response, minimum inventory, minimum variance, movement consolidation, and quality improvement.

What is integrated logistics management?

Integrated logistics management is the ensure that all plans into the supply chain are controlled, implemented, delivered on time, monitored as well as delivered in good order.

What kind of job would you have in logistics management?

There are several places that you could find work in logistics management. Airports and ship ports definitely need logistics managers coordinating all the transportation of people and cargo. Warehouses for manufacturers need logistics managers to help with inventory and ordering as well as sending and receiving merchandise. The military would be another big employer needing logistics management in the same way as mentioned above.