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Q: What are the advantages of the satellite in mass communication?
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Whats are the advantages of satellite communication over the other communication system'?

advantages of satellite

What are the advantages of satellite systems over terrestrial communication?

Satellite systems do not suffer from local interference or terrain.

Advantages of satellite communication over microwave communication?

A satellite in geosynchronous orbit can have line of sight contact with half the planet at once. Microwave communication on the Earth's surface has a much more limited range.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mass communication?

advantages: good disadvantages: bad

What is satellite longitude in satellite communication?

satellite is satellite

What is the definition of 'optical satellite communication'?

definition of optical satellite communication

What is first communication satellite?

The first communication satellite was Echo NASA

What is the advantages of mass communication?

To have sexual intercourse with any and everyperson you find by a tree

What is a Satellite communication?

Satellite communication is when a signal gets sent to space, bounces off of a satellite, and comes back to Earth. This is a very common source of communication.

What is the difference between satellite communication and optical fiber communication?

the satellite communication can be cheaper over long distance

Why Fresnel zone affecting satellite communication?

Why Fresnel zone affecting satellite and ground communication?

Advantages of active satellite?

1.) Error Probality decreases 2.) C/N Ratio Increases 3.) gain of signal increasesThe official definition of an active satellite is "A satellite carrying a station intended to transmit or retransmit radio communication signals."

What is the advantages and disadvantages of satellite telecommunication system?

1) The coverage area of a satellite greatly exceeds.2) Transmission cost of a satellite is independent of the distance from the center of the coverage area. 3) Satellite to satellite communication is very precise. 4) Higher bandwidths are available for use.

Is a comsat a satellite?

Com = Communication, Sat = Satellite

What is terrestrial system for satellite communication?

A terrestrial system for satellite communication is one that facilitates. This includes the facilitation of audio, data, and any other communication.

What is difference between satellite communication and mobile communication?

satellite communication is used for long distance communication, in this signals are transferred from landlines to station , station to satellite and then satellite to station , station to destination. while bts is used for short distance communication with help of bts towers and range of bts towers lies between 8-15km.

Is satellite communication a form of wireless communication?

Yes, it is.

Advantages of upward communication?

advantages of upward communication

Advantages of digital communication?

what is advantages of digital communication

What are the advantages of filtering in communication skills?

what are the advantages of filtering in communication skills

What is the meaningof satellite?

A satellite is anything that revolves around a larger mass or object. The Earth is a satellite of the Sun, while the moon is a satellite of the Earth. We have also launched a lot of machines into an orbit around the earth, which are also called satellites. They are used to study stars and the weather, for communication and to photograph our planet.

Advantages and disadvantages of mass communication?

Mass communication has changed the lives of most people from what they were twenty years ago. The advantages are that people can communicate a lot more quickly and with a lot more people. The disadvantage is that many people live their whole lives online instead of getting outside and doing physical activity.

What does a satellite communication do?

A satellite communication simply bounces a radio or data wave to another satellite or a receiver on earth. Satellites all act as giant relays for data transmissions.

Advantages of written communication?

What are advantages of Written word Communication?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HART communication?

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