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The potential advantages for an emerging economy, such as India would be:

Increased Cash Flow within the country: With more tourists entering the country, an influx of cash will help stimulate local business. This increase in cash, means there is more money to go round in the economy and more taxes will be paid. Which rhetorically, would translate to improved infrastructure/education/public service in the country. However, India has been battling corruption for some years so the positive effects of such an injection of cash may be somewhat stymied by this.

Improved Public Image with foreign tourists being able to dispel any misinformed stereotypes they may have procured. Coupled with this, tourists may begin to see the advantages of setting up business in India (cheap labour force, educated population).

Bridging the Gap between Rural and Suburban Municipalities: A grave problem facing India is the disparity between both rural and urban villages and cities. With a large number of the population residing in obscure villages littered across the country many are without the internet, something intrinsic to the modern world (in terms of commerce). Many tourists disdain the idea of confining their experience to the tourist traps of a country and may be more inclined to travel to the more remote grassroots of the country. This stimulates local economies and would help close the divide between the areas.

Tourism may increase inflation: With a greater demand for products and services, the law of Economics dictates that the prices in goods etc will rise in response to this. This may have deleterious effects for those who find themselves on the lower tiers of the infamous Caste System.

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