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Hello, I'm a college student. I am 20. Without Adderall I would fail most classes. Thank you.

AnswerI have not taken it long but I did watch the super cool true life on MTV about taking adderall and from what they said the good effects are clearly better grades and more ease in normal every day tasks. But they also said it can cause OCD like behaviors. For me it makes me eat almost half as much as I use to. As a fat kid, I think that rocks but if you have a child who you think may have an eating disorder this is not the stuff for them. Its speed so it really knocks me out at the end of the day. If I drink too much caffene I feel like im about to have a heart attack and I get dizzy pretty easily. ANSWER:when I take my adderall i become very fixated on certain things - i frequently wash my hands and if taken in the evening i am up all night long....I am certainly more productive! but it causes me to have OCD like effects and there is also increased energy (Adderall is also prescribed for people with Narcolepsy). DECREASED APPETITE IS A BIG ONE TOO! you will also think much deeper into things... oh and also i become dehydrated with a constant dry mouth so I Drink Water In Excess. Adderall also causes me to experience irritability and anxiety(NERVOUSNESS) . and increased heart rate.

but overall-

---in 9th grade i used adderall....Straight A's with no Suspensions or referalls!

10th grade (NO MEDICATION) - I only passed 2 out of my 8 classes for the year(one of them being Gym) the Principal's office everyday - class cuts, skipping school, classroom distruptions, and basically i was just a nonstop CLASS CLOWN, and i had no ambitions at all. (I will note that I had a lot of fun though being medication free)-but was not worth all the trouble and problems, looking back on the past.

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Q: What are the affects of Adderall on teenagers who are diagnosed with ADD?
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Why would someone be prescribed Adderall?

Adderall would usually be prescribed for an individual who has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Some doctors are now prescribing it for depression and weight loss.

Is it safe to take adderall when you are taking Xnax?

You really shouldn't be on a prescription for Adderall and Xanax at the same time. It's possible that Adderall could potentiate the effects of the xanax. That means that if you mix them, you normal dose of Xanax could knock you out. It also depends on if you are taking Adderall because you have been diagnosed with ADD. The effects of Adderall are different for people who do not have ADD.

What is Adderall used for?

Adderall is used mainly for ADD and ADHD.

Is 25mg of Adderall too much?

No. It is well within the normal dosage that people who have been diagnosed with ADD take. Most people take between 10 and 30 milligrams twice a day.

What percentage of people have ADD?

five percent of teens are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD five percent of teens are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

Why is Adderall prescribed to people?

To help with their ADD/ADHD

Can a person be diagnosed with add and ADHD?

The person can only be diagnosed with ADHD when he/she is born.

Why would MD prescribe adderall for depression?

adderall affects dopamine and (to a much lesser extent) norepinephrine and can be used for treatment resistant depression. in my opinion they work better as anti depressants than all the SSRIs, SNRIs, etc I've taken. i also have ADD though,

Where can you get Adderall without a doctor's prescription?

You cant, I'm a doctor and the only way to receive Adderall is if you have ADD or ADHD.

If someone without ADD takes adderall will they get the opposite effects of someone with ADD?

Yes, adderall is a stimulant although for reasons unknown it has a calming effect on people with ADD. So if someone who does not have ADD were to take it, it would serve as a stimulant.

Your son was just diagnosed with add and OCD he is 6 years old?

i was diagnosed with it when i was 7.

What drugs are good for studying?

if you are ADD go to the DR and get Adderall

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