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What are the benefits of accepting credit cards versus other forms of payment such as checks?


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Accepting credit cards as a form of payment increases the likely hood that you'll receive payment for your product or service. If the credit card used is good, the bank that issues the credit card pays your customer's bill. The customer is then required to pay the bank, not you. If the customer pays by check, you run the risk that the check will bounce and that you might not see your money. With the credit card, you get the money even if the customer doesn't have it on hand. I hope this helps.

Consumers also find it less of a hassle to use credit cards for both online and offline transactions since most credit card associations (Visa and MasterCard) limit the cardholder's liability to $50 for fraudulent transactions.


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Checks became a popular form of payment during the 20th century. The usage of checks peaked in the 1990's and has declined with the use of the credit and debit cards.

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Methods of payment are the different ways people can pay for things. Such as paper money, credit card, and checks.

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