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There is a natural tendency for a substance to move from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration (see osmosis). This means that even water moves from its region of abundance to its region of shortage. Since salt water is more concentrated (less water) than the contents in your mouth (including any germs in there), when you gargle with it, it tends to draw water out of bacterial cells (which have more water in them). All cells are over 70% water and require water to function effectively and hence survive. If the salt water is concentrated enough, it will kill most germs in the mouth and some from the throat.

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Q: What are the benefits of gargling with salt water?
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What is the solvent in salt water used for gargling?


Will gargling salt water kill infection?

Gargling salt water will not kill or get rid of an infection. It will reduce the symptoms and pain of the infection though and will most likely be recommended by your doctor.

Does salt take away tooth infections?

Gargling with salt water can slow the spread of mouth infections.

How much salt to put to make saline water for gargling?

One to two tea spoons of salt for one cup of water.

How do you help esophagus swollen down?

Try gargling salt water or go to your doctor.

What not do with a canker sore?

Don't bite or play with it. Try gargling with salt water to get rid of it.

How do you swelling throat go down?

Try gargling salt water or go to your doctor

Is gargling good for sore throat?

It depends on what you are gargling and the cause for the sore throat. Most sore throats are a result of bacterial or viral infection, and gargling frequently with a salt water solution can be very beneficial.

Does gargling with salt water help with a broken tooth or toothache?

Yes it does, not sure how or why but it sure helped me.

What cures Sore throat?

Slippery Elm lozenges, also gargling with warm salt water.

Does gargling with salt water help tender gums?

Yes, gargling with warm salt water can help tender gums somewhat. However, if your gums are inflamed and swollen, there may be an underlying issue such as gum disease so it would be wise to consult your dentist.

What will help an earache if you don't have any medicine?

gargling warm salt water (this is what i learned from a friends garandmother)

What helps cure sore throats?

Slippery Elm lozenges, also gargling with warm salt water.

What do you have if you have white dots in the back of your throat?

A throat infection try gargling with salt water a few times

What helps your throat feel better?

Having tea, chicken broth, gargling with salt water (Do NOT swallow) and sleeping.

What is a herbal remedy for teething pain?

I've heard of a little brandy to be able to sleeep. and gargling salt water.

What good benefits can you get from gargling aspirin?

Gargling with aspirin will stop a cold coming on if you get it in time and it will greatly ease the pain of the throat

What is the purpose of using gargle?

The purpose of gargling is to clear the throat. Most people gargle with salt water when they have a sore throat.

What helps cure soar throats?

Try gargling hot water mixed with salt or cayenne pepper every hour . This helped me.

Can you use salt water on tongue piercing?

Salt water is great for cleansing sores in your mouth (gargling it at least). Can't see why that would be bad for cleansing your tongue piercing. (Just don't swallow! Ouch.)

What is the best way to get the taste of nasal spray out of the back of your throat?

Gargling with warm salt water and brushing your teeth with minty tooth paste.

How do you sanitize your mouth?

Brushing your teeth, gargling some mouthwash, and rinsing your mouth out with water mixed with salt are good ways to sanitize your mouth!

Home remedies for laringo malacia or laryngitis?

Gargling with warm salt water is one. The water should NOT be hot and it should be roughly as salty as the ocean -- perhaps a little more.

What makes the salt numb your throat?

The fact that salt works as an antiseptic makes it numb your throat. Gargling warm salt water has been a tried and trusted way for relieving a sore throat for many years now.

Is gargling on a warm water with a salt can be a good medicine for swelling lymph node?

Yes. It helps take down the swelling and can also help your throat feel better. You can also try swishing and gargling peroxide in your mouth. IT helps dull the pain.