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What are the benefits of going through a bank versus a third party provider to set up a merchant account?


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2017-01-06 19:55:07
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Third Party providers compete diligently for your business and usually undercut the fees and processing costs that bank charge. I have seen between 15-30% cheaper cost from processing. Third party are able to negotiate for a merchants business due to the regulations of the business.


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In Canada one may get a merchant count in a number of exceptional, and different ways. One can set up a merchant account through Paypal, Visa, and even through Costco.

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Paypal is an internet merchant account. You can also obtain internet merchant accounts through The Transaction Group, Merchant Group, and Merchant Plus.

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You can create a Payflow account through Paypal. You can create a Payflow account through Ebay if you already accept credit cards through your internet merchant account.

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Essentially, a PayPal merchant account goes between you bank account and the customer, giving you the chance to charge for merchandise. The money goes through PayPal, and you can draw out into your account

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A merchant account allows businesses to accept payments by debit card or credit card for their services. To set up this type of account, a business can establish a merchant agreement directly with a bank or through an aggregator such as PayPal.

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