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I prefer to use Biodex 300, then seal with a silicone tile/grout sealer like "TPS" If the stains and buildup are thick you will need a professional.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-22 15:10:39
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Q: What are the best cleaners for the coping an tile on an inground gunite pool?
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What paint is best to repaint an inground gunite swimming pool?

Call Leslies' Pool supplies. They have paint, but it's about $100 a gallon. Good luck.

For inground pools is liner gunite concrete or fibreglass best?

Our experience shows that gunite or fiberglass are good. Gunite would probably last the longest. CONCRETE tends to crack over years with normal ground shifts. Had two pools with concrete, so many cracks after 10 years, buried the thing, the repair costs were astronomical.

which dry cleaners is best in noida?

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What is the best gas heater for an inground pool?

a candle

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What paint is best for a gunite pool?

The paint that is best for a gunite pool is masonry waterproofing paint such as Drylok EXTREME. Depending on the brand you choose your paint job can last up to eight years.

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What is the best site online to find inground pool designs?

The best sites are InGroundPoolDesign and MyDreamPool, where you can either research yourself, or talk to consultants and construction experts to find the best inground pool designs that suits your needs.

Is it safe to drain a gunite pool for the winter?

Best not to empty a gunite pool, period. Having the pool surface exposed to air and temperature chanfes and drying will result in cracking.

Where is the best source to find new coping tile for an existing and aged gunite pool?

A source for coping tile is Tropical Tile Inc They are a manufacturing company of coping tile for Swimming Pools and Spas (For Concrete or Vinyl Liner Pools.) I am sure if you contact them they can locate a retail supplier in your area. Tropical Tiles Inc 415 South East Ave Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Phone 856-455-6215 Fax 856-451-8906 9am - 5pm EST Nationwide Marketing

Is a fiberglass or vinyl or gunite pool the best?

Depends on the type of pool, i.e. inground or above ground pool. * My brother has had an inground vinyl lined pool for at least twenty years. He ives in an area which is southwest of New Orleans. That pool has survived more pool parties, hurricane parties, followed by hurricanes themselves (including Katrina) without a tear nor a leak. My above ground pool is a Doughboy and it has the side walls concreted into the ground. It is now eight years old. It survived hurricanes Lily, Katrina, and Rita in just the past 4 years. However, if you can afford it, gunite is probably the best. Around this area, fiberglass is often too light in weight and will float up with floods.

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