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What are the best harmonica songs?

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There are many great harmonica songs. A good place to look is on The easiest one to learn is "West Texas Town of El Paso." It has easy key changes and is very easy to learn as a base song. Try working your way up to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" as well.

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Does Bruce springsteen play the same harmonica in all songs?

yes. it's his personal harmonica

Where can one get instructions on how to play songs on the harmonica?

There are online tutorials on how to play the harmonica, as well as songbooks and instructional books that you can purchase specifically for harmonicas.

Did Bob Dylan use a C harmonica?

Yes, very often. In Like a Rolling Stone and many more of his songs he used a C harmonica.

How do you play Hannah Montana songs on the harmonica?

you sing the song while you play

What songs does Tom Petty play the harmonica?

mary janes last dance and

What are sum cool harmonica songs?

What is the best selling instrument in the world?


What is the best harmonica?

I personally think the C Harmonica is the best. If you want to buy one, I would suggest this website.

What is the best selling musical instrument in the world?


What is the worlds best selling musical instrument?


What key was John Lennon's harmonica?

Lennon had harmonicas in several keys, to play songs in different keys.

What are some popular songs to play on a blues harmonica?

One song is 'Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog' or 'Why Can't We Be Friends'. I forget the singer, but there really great loving songs. I hope you enjoy!

Other than Piano Man what songs are there that include piano and harmonica?

"Leave a Tender Moment Alone" from The Bridge is one.

What type of harmonica does Neil Young play in his songs?

Hohner Marine Band, in various different keys, depending on the song.

What key is the harmonica in the Billy Joel song Piano Man?

I havn't tried the harmonica part so I'm just guessing. I play the piano part in the key of C so my best guess is the harmonica might be a C or it might be an A

What cleft does the harmonica play in?

It depends on the Harmonica. I have a G Major harmonica, my Dad has an A Major harmonica, my brother has a C major harmonica and my Grandpa has several in different keys as well. If you weren't told what key your harmonica is in when you bought it, you can figure it out with a piano.

How much is a harmonica in the Philippines?

can buy harmonica

What rhymes with veronica?

harmonicaharmonica, and japonica

When was George 'Harmonica' Smith born?

George 'Harmonica' Smith was born in 1924.

When did George 'Harmonica' Smith die?

George 'Harmonica' Smith died in 1983.

What insrument di mick jagger play in the rolling stones?

He mainly plays the harmonica and acoustic guitar on some songs. More rarely he plays electric guitar on songs like "Miss You" and keyboard/piano on songs like "Worried About You"

Can you take a harmonica on an airplane in a carry on bag?

You can definitely take a harmonica along with you.

What is a harmonica look like?

this is what a harmonica looks like

Who is the best harmonica player ever?

There is a dedicated young man who is a virtuoso harmonica player in both the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas by the name of MaestroPhil. Through his thorough knowledge of music he has mastered the instrument and made a name for himself worldwide. All the eyes are upon him in the harmonica world because of his dexterity, clarity and extraordinary use of bends and rhythmic anomalies. Maestrophil is considered by Harmonica Player Magazine as the best ever and is a member of their Hall of Fame.

How do you use the word harmonica in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.She played the harmonica.He gave his son a harmonica for Christmas.