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There are many great desert hiking boots available. To read reviews of the most recommended desert hiking boots, visit

Lowa makes many different styles of hiking boots made especially for hiking in the desert. You can visit their online sotre here:

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Q: What are the best hiking boots for desert hiking?
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Do you need hiking boots in a desert?

If you are going to hike, yes!

What are the best hiking boots?


What brands of hiking boots are best for women?

Wolverine, Merrill, and Columbia typically make the best all around hiking boots

What are the best type of hiking boots to wear when hiking the Mont Blanc Trail?


Are timberlands good hiking boots?

Yes, because they are like hiking boots.

What is the best brand of hiking boots?

When I look for hiking boots I limit my search to either Timberland or Cabelas brand. Both make super high quality boots that will last ten years or more.

Are Combat Boots good hiking boots?

The best hiking boots are any kind that is comfortable for you, is waterproof or breathable (depending on the conditions where you are hiking), and provides support for your ankle. The most important objective to keep in mind when getting a pair of hiking boots is comfort. The greater the comfort, the longer both you and the shoe will last. To achieve the greatest amount of comfort, you must be able to achieve the perfect fit for you hiking boots. Also, your hiking boot must suit its intended use.

What is a substitute for snow boots in winter?

Special thick warm socks with hiking boots, preferably waterproofed hiking boots.

What are some good boots/shoes for hiking?

There are a variety of hiking boots on the market depending on what kind of hiking you're into. However, I have discovered the best hiking boot. They are called L.L. Bean Trail Hikers II, Mid Cut and they only cost $60.00.

What is the average cost of a pair of Vasque hiking boots?

Vasque Hiking boots are a middleweight hiking boot that is waterproof. The average cost of a pair of Vasque hiking boots range from 30 dollars to over a hundred.

What is a good brand of hiking boots?

I go hiking often in the summertime. I have a pair of Timberland hiking boots. They have lasted me 5 years so far.

How many pairs of hiking boots were sold in 1992?

11 million pairs of hiking boots were sold in 1992

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