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If you are using an exterior paint, the "sealant" is already added to it. Bill's Painting Lanc. P.A.

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Q: What are the best sealants for coating exterior house paint?
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What method do I use to exterior paint my house?

The exterior of my house needs a new paint job. I have the color and type of paint, I just dont know the best method to paint it. How do I know what method to exterior paint my house?

Exterior House Paint ?

form_title= Exterior House Paint form_header= Paint your home a new color. What color do you want to paint your home?*= _ [50] What type of siding do you have installed?*= _ [50] Do you want eco friendly paint?*= () Yes () No

What happens if you paint inside a house with exterior paint?

nothing bad

Where can purchase exterior paint for my house?

I believe sherman williams have a tons of paint for you to choose from. It certainly will have something you can do painting of the exterior of house with. I mean it would make sense if it did.

What must I do to prepare my house's exterior for painting?

To prepare for your house's exterior painting job you need to decide how much paint you need and what color paint you want to use.

Can spray paint be used as a vehicle exterior coating?

Yes. Most vehicles are spray painted

What material are exterior refrigerator doors made of?

Usually steel with some coating over that (e.g. paint, plastic).

How often should you paint your house exterior?

As soon as you notice deterioration in the paint that's on it. -It obviously depends a LOT on what material the exterior is - and you haven't said.

How can you get exterior house paint off your car?

metholated spirits

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a 1200 square foot house?

1200 ft exterior house how much paint to do one coat. i plan on doing 2 coats but i can double it thanks

What is the difference between interior and exterior house paint?

Interior house paint is to be used on your inner walls like in your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Exterior paint is used for the outside of your house and most of the time it is more weather resistant. Hope it helps.

When was house paint invented?

between 1889-1891 is when the first houses were completed with exterior paint

What is the name is the white paint used for the White House?

The official color of the paint for the White House is "Whisper White;" it takes 570 gallons to paint the exterior.

How do you use exterior in a sentence?

The paint is on the exterior of the car.(example) I just painted the exterior of my house to raise its value

Why do you paint products that are going to be used outside?

Paint is used as an exterior finish to prevent rot or corrosion of the substrate. Exterior paints form a water and air tight coating that prevents the ingress of water and air and so protects the underlying material. Other coating can offer a similar protection such as varnish although paint offers a wide variety of color as well as texture.

Exterior Paint Colors ?

form_title= Exterior Paint Colors form_header= Create an exterior look you love. What color do you what to paint your exterior? *= _ [50] Do you need weather proof paint?*= () Yes () No Do you need remove old exterior paint?*= () Yes () No

What is the best exterior house coating?

There are many paintings which are used outside. Paints are used according to the people they choose. The paints are Dulux, Asian, Nerolac, Liquid Ceramics to used before painting. The best exterior paintings are Sherwin Williams Super Paint are used nowadays.

House paint on exterior of car. paint has dried. how can it be removed without damaging paint on car?

wipe off with laquer thinner

What happens if you use interior paint on the exterior of house?

i bought 5 gallons of paint for the exterior of my mobile home, did not double check the paint after the clerk mixed it, took it home, gave it to my painter (spanish speaking only) and went to work. He paint half of my house and needed more paint....I went back to the same store, different clerk on duty and she mixed another 5 gallons of paint. This looked different but the labels read exterior semi-gloss, which is what I wanted. When I get home, I discover that the first clerk had mixed interior paint. what will happen to the interior paint on my exterior home.

Did anyone paint a pool with exterior house paint and if so how did it hold up?

I should add, no chlorine in water.

Can you put latex paint over an alkyd stain on the exterior of a house?

Yes you can.

Can you use regular house paint to paint oven exterior?

This is NOT advised. An oven gets hot and house paint is not made to withstand high temperatures like that. House paint may smoke when it is heated up and put fumes into the home.

What is flat paint?

Paint that isn't shiny. Paint comes in Flat, Semi-Gloss and Glossy. Most people use Flat paint for walls and the exterior of their house.

When is it too cold to paint the exterior of a house?

If it is going to freeze before the paint has a chance to dry. This will vary depending on location.

How can you paint a piece of aluminum?

Oil based metal priming paint along with a 100% acrylic latex exterior house paint.