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Many services are available. For starters there are p2p sites such as bittorrent, bitcoment, or bitlord. Another option would be a service such as Ares, Kazaa, or Limewire. Legal services that actually sell songs are also available like iTunes, Rhapsody, or Amazon's new music service.

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Q: What are the best services for downloading songs?
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Downloading songs from YouTube?

try online services like

Why is downloading songs illegal?

Downloading songs is not illegal. However downloading songs that you have not purchased a license to download is.

What is the best site for downloading Telugu songs?


What is the best site for downloading quality Hindi songs?

you tube

What website is best for downloading songs easily?

What is the best site for downloading quality Telugu mp3 songs?


What is the best website for downloading new Hindi songs?


Which site is best for downloading Malayalam mp3 songs site?

Tube mate

What is the best site for free downloading quality Hindi songs?

pksongs is a good site to find Hindi and bollywood songs

How 2 download songs?

Usually itunes or napster are the best. (depends on what media player you are downloading it on.)

Best music downloading site?

for free english songs it will be: ''

Which is the best site for downloading songs?

There are many - depending on what type of songs you intend to download. Few are in the related links section.

When does downloading songs from frostwire become illegal?

From the minute you start downloading

Why is downloading songs so popular?

downloading songs is popular as it is free of cost and does not require much time..

Is downloading songs on pirate bay legal?

Depends on the songs. It's not the downloading as such that's illegal, it's if you're downloading copyrighted material. Not copyrighted material can be downloaded as much as you like.

Is downloading songs from mediafire illegal?

It is illegal if you didn't buy a license for downloading it.

Is downloading songs from illegal?


Can you download free songs onto the ipod touch?

You should not be downloading free songs. Downloading free songs is illegal, no matter how many sites claim to be completely legal. You should be buying the songs from iTunes or other legal places to get songs.

Can downloading songs onto an iPod damage it?

If you are downloading songs from an illegal website such as Frostwire or Limewire, then a virus may be attached to it that could damage the iPod.

Is downloding songs from YouTube is free?

Yes, downloading songs from youtube is free.

What is the site for downloading chhattisgarhi songs on internet?

no sites to download c.g. songs

Is downloading songs from Frostwire illegal or legal?


Where can you get free songs without downloading?

Is downloading songs from imesh free?

yep it is

Is legal for downloading songs?