What are the best sites for legal free downloads?

Legal Free Downloads

It depends on what you want to download. If you want to download movies, games, or music, legal free downloads are not possible due to copyright laws. They are intellectual property. Whoever holds the copyright to a particular movie, game, or song is the owner, much like people are owners of televisions, MP3 players, and other tangible property. If you download a copy of something that is copyrighted, it is considered stealing, much like if you walked out of a store with a game, CD, or DVD without paying for it. Therefore, it is not possible to download free copies legally, so there are no good site to do so.

It is much the same for software, ring tones, and other things that can be downloaded, but there are exceptions. If software is freeware or open source, permission is usually given to download a copy for personal use for free. It's a good idea to read the terms before downloading, though, to know what they are and exactly what you are allowed to do legally with any software or anything that is downloadable. Some reliable sites for downloading software that is legally free are: Download.com, Tucows, the site of the maker of the maker of the software, and others. Freeware that can be legally downloaded free is clearly marked on those sites.