What are the best things to do in New York?

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The best things to do in New York is to visit Broadway plays or be in an audience of a television show.
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Who ran things in New York?

The insiders at Tamany Hall at one point. Colonial appointees at others. Occupying Armies for a period. Radical Rebels for a while. Gangs and Mobsters have had their try. New

Fun things in New York?

New York is fun for girls. Like the jeweleries and make ups. But it is expensive! IN Canada it is so cheap. You could get a big ring for only $1.75 but in New York City it's l

Best thing to do in New York?

to go to time square at new years eve and watch the fireworks and be with ur family all huddled up and theres some pretty good coffe houses there to feel better after all that

5 best things in new york?

1.) the statue of liberty 2.) radio city music hall 3.) the gugginhaine museam 4.) central park 5.) time square
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What are the bad things about new york?

Crime, poverty, unemployment, corruption, cold weather, lack of sunlight. Ugh, dont come here. Please dont.
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What things can you buy in New York?

you can basically buy ANYTHING in New York. you can buy things like clothes or even weapons (legally off course)
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Things to do in New York City?

In NYC visitors can visit times square and their famous, hugemuseums.