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Eat healthier and exercise more.

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What is the expected rate of weight loss on a 300 pound female after lap band surgery?

Your doctor is the best one to discuss this with, but you will likely see up to a pound a day. The change in my friend is astonishing, but the constantly changing wardrobe is fairly expensive.

Best pound for pound fighter in the world?

Anderson silva (middle weight champion for the ufc), Chuck Norris is he best outside the UFC in the world.

What do mean by pound for pound boxer?

pound for pound is a way of saying without the obvious weight differance, is this guy who's 140lbs a better fighter than this guy who's 240lbs, it's who would win hypothetically if weight didn't matter. so the best pound for pound fighter would be simply the best, even though he'd lose to someone because of size.

What is the best weight for a sixteen year old female who is 5 foot 2 inches in height?

41-60 Kg is best weight for a sixteen year old female with 5'2" height.

What does best pound for pound boxer mean in boxing?

it's kind of a stupid distinction because there is no way to prove any of this. Pound for pound lists are trying to rank boxers on the absolute value of their skill -- so if all the boxers were the same weight who would be the best.

What is the best estimate of the weight of a large bag of flour?

Most flour comes in a 5 pound bag or a 10 pound bag.

How best can a 5'2 113 pound 55 year old female reduce to 109 pounds through diet and exercise?

you're at a very health weight. A woman your size and age should not be looking to lose weight, but maintain her current weight.

Can a 130 pound 12 year old lose weight?

"Can" a 130 pound 12 year old lose weight, yes, but the question is "should" a 130 pound 12 year old lose weight. The answer to that depends on your height and build as well. It would be good to consult a physician if you are concerned about being over weight. They can also give you ideas on how best to lose weight for your age if losing weight is appropriate. Good luck.

Which unit is best to weight a dozen paper clips?

The are about half a gram each so if you want accuracy, a milligram would be best.

When lifting weights as a child what pound of weight should they start at.?

It all depends on their height weight and natural strength but when starting it is usually best to go with light weight and high reps.

How best can a 5' 4 127 pound 13-year-old lose weight?

Are you sure that you need to lose weight? 127 pounds is in the ideal weight range for your height.

How does a 97 pound 18 year old gain weight?

A 97 pound 18 year old could gain weight by exercising and adding protein to his or her diet. This person could work with a nutritionist to find the best diet for weight gain or try adding calories using protein shakes.

What weight is best for a 5ft 3inch 39 year female?

Between 8.5 and 9.5 stone, I think

Ideal weight for 4 foot 11 female?

there is no ideal weight but ideal shape ! some people have heavier bones then other.

What is the ideal weight of a 38 year old female?

The age is not nearly as important as the height of a person. The taller a person is, the more weight they need to balance that out. The best way to find out if you are a healthy weight is to ask your doctor. They can best determine the right weight for your height and body type.

Who is the best salsa dancer?

No doubts that the answer is Vitico La Majia. Pound for pound the best!

What is the average weight for a 59 18 year old female?

A healthy weight for a female 5ft 9 inch is between 140 lb and 160 lb or65kg - 75 kg. it also depends on your frame which end of the scale is best for u

What is the best way for a 282 pound 35-year-old female to start losing weight?

You need to figure out your calories so you can lose 1-2 pounds of healthy weight a week. There are several calculators on the internet that can help you do this with your weight, age, and height. The best way would be to set a nutrition plan and workout plan and stick to it. I would recommend 30 minutes to an hour of cardio and light resistance training 6 days a week if possible.

What is the best weight for 162 cm height age20 sexfemale?

It is recommended that a female who is 162 cm tall should weigh about 122 pounds. Age does not affect ideal weight.

What's the best weight loss plans?

One of the best tips ever to lose weight is to start exercising at least five days a week for at least a half hour at a time. Walking can even burn enough calories to lose a pound a week!

What is best type of dog to get when you already have a male dog as in male or female breeder or pound dog puppy or adult?

if you want to breed your dog then get a female same breed as the female if you don't get a female but desex it and id say a puppy dalmation because they are interactive and it Will love you more if you take good care of it

George best five pound note worth?

i have a george best five pound note what is it worth

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