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What are the biggest land formations in Asia?

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What are the different land formations in Asia?

bakit ko sasagutin???????

Which of the seven continents is biggest in land area?

Asia is the biggest in land mass.

In land area which is the biggest out of Africa and Asia?

Asia, by far.

What two major land forms make up southeast Asia?

The two land formations are peninsulas and islands

What is the largest land port in Asia?

The biggest land port of Asia is Xia Rei, China

Which continent has the biggest land area?


What are the two continents with the largest land area?

Asia is the biggest Africa is the second biggest

Is the mall of Asia in the Philippines the biggest mall in Asia?

No. The biggest mall in Asia in terms of Gross Leasable Area (GLA) is the Golden Resources Mall in China. In terms of Total Land Area, the Dubai Mall is the biggest.

The biggest country in Asia?

by population china by land mass russia

What are examples of land formations?

Examples of land formations are mountain, valleys, plains, glaciers, plateaus and hills. Land formations are natural physical features that are on the earth's surface.

What type of land formations are in the desert?

There are many land formations in a desert. Desert land formations could be dunes, buttes, oasis, canyons, plateaus and alluvial fans.

What types of land formations can be found on Neptune?

no land formations can be found on Neptunebecause its a big ice planet

What is the biggest in order of land area south America Asia or Africa?

They are Asia, Africa, and South America. and this is the order ^0^

What is the world's largest land mass?

The continent of Asia is the biggest continent, and landmass is Europe and asai combined The continent of Asia is the biggest continent, and landmass is Europe and asai combined

Which continent has more land area Europe or Asisa?

asia is the biggest continent in the world

What are Massachusetts land formations?

what are massachusetts land formation

What is the biggest continent?

Asia is the biggest continent.Asia.

Does Norway have any unique land formations?

Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten are amongst the most well known unique land formations.

Which is the biggest delta of Asia?

The Bangladesh Delta is the biggest in Asia.

What is the land of formations in the prairie grassland?


How do you find the exact location of Asia on the globe or map?

Look for the biggest piece of land on the map/globe. The right two-thirds of that is Asia.

What are the major land formations of wales?

What is walas land formation

What are some saturns land formations?

it is a gas planet. No land there.

Why is Asia called the Land of Extremes?

Asia is called the land of the extremes because, first of all, it is the biggest of the seven continents. It also covers about 30% of the world's land. Because Asia is so big, it touches Europe in the west and nearly reaches North America in the east.

What is the biggest continent and what part of the continent is biggest?

The continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa are connected by land, making them the largest continental area. The largest continent by definition is Asia, which is the larger eastern part of the landmass of Eurasia.