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The #1 cause of hard starting a 1991 Ford Explorer is having lost your keys

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Q: What are the causes of hard starting a 1991 Ford Explorer?
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What transmission is in a 1991 Ford explorer?

The automatic transmission is an A4LD in a 1991 Ford Explorer

When was Ford Explorer created?

Ford Explorer was created in 1991.

Why is your Ford Expedition not starting?

Why is my ford explorer not starting

Will the transmissiom from a 1991 Ford Explorer fit a 1996 Ford Explorer?

The transmissions from 1991 - 1994 are the same. So the 1991 transmission will not fit a 1996 explorer.

Are the transmissions interchangeable from 1991-1994 Ford Explorer's?

Yes! The 1991-1994 Ford Explorer transmissions are interchangeable.

What size fuel tank is in the 1991 Ford Explorer?

I believe that is ( 19.3 U.S. gallons ) in a 1991 Ford Explorer 4 door

Will a manual transmission from a 1991 Ford Explorer fit a 1994 Ford Explorer?

I dont see why not.

What year did Ford make the explorer?

Ford started manufacturing the Explorer in 1990 as a 1991 model

What is the fuel capacity for a 1991 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

On the 1991 Ford Explorer , 4 door : I believe it is 19.3 U.S. gallons

Would a 1990 Ford Explorer transmission fit in to a 1994 Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer was introduced in 1991. There are no 1990 Explorers to take a transmission from.

Diagram for fuel system 1991 Ford Explorer sport?

why can't i find a diagram of the fuel system for a 1991 ford explorer eddie baur

Same explorer 90?

The Ford Explorer was introduced in 1991. There is no 1990 model.

In what year was the Ford Explorer first introduced?


What causes back firing on Ford Explorer?

What causes back firing on a ford explorer and it to idle rough and want to cut out when you try to give it gas.

How many oxygen sensors does a 1991 Ford Explorer have?

It has ( one oxygen sensor ) on the 1991 and 1992 Ford Explorers

How many gallons of gas does the 1991 Ford Explorer take to fill it up?

I believe the 1991 Ford Explorer 4 door holds 19.3 U.S. gallons

Can you put exterior door handles form a 1995 Ford Explorer on to a 1991 ford Explorer?

If it fits it should work

Where is the chassis control model on 1989 Ford Explorer?

There were no Ford Explorers in 1989 - the first model year of the Explorer was 1991.

What type of tranny is in 1991 Ford Explorer? will tell you

Plug gap for 1991 Ford Explorer?

.054 inch

Can a 1995 Ford Explorer motor be replaced with a 1991?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but from what I have read there are ( 3 ) different engine blocks for the Ford 4.0 liter Over Head Valve , V6 engine ( 1991 to 1994 Ford Explorer ) ( 1995 and 1996 Ford Explorer ) ( 1997 to 2000 Ford Explorer ) * so I would say the answer is ( no )

Does a 1998 Ford Explorer have rear drum brakes?

No , starting with the 1995 Ford Explorer the rear brakes are DISC

Can a 1997 Ford Explorer transmission work for a 1993 Ford Explorer?

Starting with the 1995 models of the Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions were ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED ( so , the answer would be NO )

What kind of engin does a ford 1989 explorer xlt?

The Explorer was introduced in 1991. There is no 1989 model.

How do you find location of computer on 2004 Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorer 1991-2001 Under hood, drivers side in firewall