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lack of a smooth process of handover of power: lack of well planned elections can lead to political instability.

intervention of the military in the governing process

autocratic and dictatorial leaders who refuse to handover power and attract intervention from the international community.

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What are the causes political instability in Africa?

what causes of political instability in tanzania

What are the Causes of political instability in Bangladesh?

Reasons of the political instability in bangladesh

What are the causes of political instability in Zimbabwe?

Violence, a lack of respect for human rights, and an unstable economy are the main causes of political instability in Zimbabwe.

How did the political issues in Africa affect Africa's economy?

the political instability prevents industrialization

What are the causes of political instability in Tanzania?

-unfair treatment in democracy rule of law

How do the political issues in Africa affect Africa's economy?

The political problems cause instability, hurting economics development.

Causes of military interventions in the political administration states in Africa?

causes of military interventions in the political administration of Africa state

What are four causes of political instability that led to world war two?

There were many causes of the political instability that led to World War II. Among them were the heavy debt of the German nation, the Great Depression, the hatred of the Jews, and the militarization of the Rhineland.

Political instability and food shortage in Africa?

i think when there is political instability,production as well as development can be hampered.wars are a result of political instability which results im massive killings and deplition of resources.those able bodied are likely to participate in wars there by living the young and the old without food to sustain themselves.Migration of people is also one of the result of political instability that might lead to food shortages

What are the causes of political instability in India?

India has political instability because of all the corruption and other clutter. Also, the way this political competition between different parties is moving towards dirty tricks is a real matter of concern.

What are the causes of under development in a certain country can you classify them...and link them too?

Political instability

When was Political Instability Task Force created?

Political Instability Task Force was created in 1994.

What is the effect of political instability on a growing company?

Political instability makes new and/or growing companies a risky venture. Any kind of political instability is not healthy for any country. It makes the future seem uncertain, it causes economic instability, and endangers Constitutional or Government mandated rights of its citizens. In some nations, it creates an atmosphere that can lead to a civil war or major revolts within a country.

10 causes of social instability?

There are many causes of social instability. Some examples of the causes of social instability are; international tension, industrialization and population growth.

Is political instability a political aspects?


What were the causes of political and social instability after World War 1?

The political and social instability after World War 1 was caused by labor unrest and widespread change in political regimes. Many countries were torn apart by internal strife caused by objection or support to the war.

What are the causes of political instability?

Poverty, bad conditions for the average people, anger of the people towards the government, etc. All of these are reasons that provoke political instability in the form of crime, revolutions, rebellions, civil wars and other forms of revolting.

What are the effects of political instability?

Political instability results in decrease in FDI, decrease in production levels, and damage to infrastructure.

How did reform movement create instability in the political in system?

Strikes that were as a result of the reform movement created instability in the political system.

What are the Factors that affects the growth of commerce in west Africa?

Insufficient capital Political instability Low saving Low per capital

What is political risk?

The political risk refers to the instability of the political system in a country.

What were the causes of people's movement 2 in Nepal?

They have not been written according to the will and direct involvement of the people. These constitution, being written to suit the interest of the rulers which did not address the will, aspiration and feelings of the general public. This state of political instability resulted to political instability and social chaos.

Which were caused by European colonization of Africa?

Problems with political instability in the 20th centuryThe introduction of European languages to Africa B.The creation of extremely diverse African nationsC.Nonnative languages becoming common throughout Africa

What are the causes of girls trafficking in Nepal?

Actually,the main causes of girls trafficking in nepal are - a) Poverty b) Lack of education c) Religious belief d) Political instability

What are some solutions to political instability?

There are many possible solutions to political instability. No solution will work forever because all people have to work together.