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What are the causes that prevent a 1999 ML320 from starting?


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1. Dead battery 2. CPS is bad and needs to be replaced 3. Bad starter motor

Hard to tell unless you can give more details, does it make a sound when you try and turn it over? A classic dead battery sound on Mercedes is a click noise when you try and start it, sometimes it confuses people and they think the starter motor is bad but that's not the case.

I had a similar problem and it turned out that the grounding strap on the starter motor just disintegrated.


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Engine, Transmission, Body, can all prevent starting in different ways.

under the hood on the drivers side wall

mobil 1 full synthetic 5w-30

Just right below the oil filter casing.

There are many causes to this problem, in a 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0L. It is usually caused by a spark plug firing when its not suppose to, or late/delayed timing.

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For one it fits my 1999 ML320 SUV. So most of the 320's I suspect.

Make sure the vehicle is unlocked. There is a pin that comes down when the doors lock.

Lock up, No but a bad crank sensor will prevent the engine from starting.

If the dipstick of a 1999 Mercedes ML320 smells like gasoline there could be a gas leak dripping into the oil pan. The engine needs to be checked for leaks to avoid any serious damage to the vehicle.

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Open the hood and reach under to where the headlights are located. Also remember to check the fuse box in case a fuse blew.

Either a leaking heater core or a plugged A/C evaporater drain. You can smell the fluid to determine what it is. A/C condensation smells like water/moldy water, coolant doesn't smell like water.

I do not know for sure, but i have a 1999 galant and we had to fix the transmission neutral switch on it. it was about $65 dollars and the car runs great now. I guess it is a common problem with these cars. hope this helps.

There is no dip stick in the ML for the transmission box - It has to be done by the Mercedes Dealer who has the required dip stick Hope this helps

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A 1999 Mercedes Benz ML320s gas door is opened by the keyless entry remote by pushing unlock and pulling the gas door towards you. If that doesn't work, open the trunk and find the emergency latch on the side.

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