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It depends on the individual who is narcissistic. If the person is nothing but "gum flapping" and never shuts up, but is not physically abusive, then it's highly likely they will just remain this way, but if the person physically harms another then they will more than likely become abusive. If you don't agree with them then you can expect to get the royal fist in the face. Many people generalize over the word "narcissist" and sometimes the person you are with is simply a rotter, a mental or physical abuser or just mean to the bone. Some people are such perfectionists they can often be arrogant and that can come off as being narcissistic. People can also just be plain stubborn and, as we age, some people can get very stubborn and hang on to the fact they "know it all." Marcy

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Q: What are the chances of a narcisstic personality becoming violent?
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