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It's in the best interest of everyone, most especially the abused woman who has abusive tendencies, to seek counseling for herself. She should also stay out of relationships until she has adressed why she is abusive to others. Getting involved too soon would be a rebound relationship. Even if her ex was willing to take her back (and he might not be), it's unhealthy to jump from one relationship to another in hopes of being saved from a bad situation, or believing all personal problems will end if they get with someone who once had feelings for them. The abused/abusive person must heal themselves first before they enter a new relationship.

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Q: What are the chances of an abused and abusive woman who was recently divorced trying to get back with her non-abusive ex-boyfriend?
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Then he's not a fireman.

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What separates child abuse from other parenting styles?

Unlike nonabusive parents, who may become angry at or upset with their children from time to time but are genuinely loving, abusive parents tend to harbor deep-rooted negative feelings toward their children.

Would an abusive ex-boyfriend be mad and seek revenge if you recently made a fool of him in public?

Just becarfull he may or may not get you back

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This dream suggests seriously conflicted feelings. There is a definite sense that this ex-boyfriend is abusive. That is a very good reason for him to be an "ex." Moreover, abusive men can also be very romantic and overly demonstrative with affection. The dream could express the dreamer's longing for the romance, while confirming the violence in the relationship. This dream is a good reminder to avoid such volatile relationships.

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Move out and continue the relationship?

do not continue an abusive relationship once you are strong enough to leave... my daughter divorced her emotionally abusive husband who molested her children,,, in less then 3 months she is seeing the pediphile again and isolateing herself from her family and forcing the children to be with this man again... if you go back into an abusive relationship of any kind your the same as the abuser, mayber even worse... do not be a fool or victimize your self again... don't do it.............................

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You have to want to get out of the abusive situation.

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Woman always try to give excuses in order to stay in an abusive relationship. If your in an abusive relationship then get out of one. It does not matter if you love them if they are hitting you they don't love you. There is no reason for a woman to stay in a abusive relationship. If they are abusive then they are blinded.

Why did bobby brown and Whitney Houston get divorced?

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