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Pretty good unless he's had counseling.

AnswerMost abusers are serial offenders, abusing one partner after the other. AnswerI am a second wife of a narcissist. I can tell you that the chances are good, very good. Even if they seem to have 'dealt' with their divorce. N's are very good at acting, remember that. They know what to project when they need to convince you they are 'OK now'. As the second wife, I would advise anyone considering marrying a Narcissist to rethink that choice seriously. The pain and turmoil is absolutely not worth any 'love' you think you are receiving. In short, the chances are too high, and the risks too great. Love yourself instead, the returns are much better! AnswerThere is no chance but only a guarantee. Abusers don't care if your nicer, smarter, prettier, as you are only an object to be defeated, used and demeaned. They don't see your worth and if they do its only validity is that its a threat. Abusers are also notorious for saying "the ex wife, girlfriend was a real hag". You may even believe this after meeting her. BUT you must take into consideration why the ex is angry if this is the case. Again, they don't change they only increase the psycological warfare. AnswerVery, very good. Unless he himself has saught counselling and benefitted from it.
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Q: What are the chances of an abuser abusing his second wife?
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AnswerThe chances are pretty high, unless he's had some form of counseling. AnswerMost abusers are serial offenders, abusing one partner after the other. For detailed statistics and articles about treatment options, psychological testing, coping methods, and a lot more:The chances are still high. He's probably playing the victim to get your pity, and put you in a place that is convenient for him to start abusing you.

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