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Give him time. He will.

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Q: How What if your ex husband abuser get remarried and look not abuser to new wife?
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If husband never divorced and remarried what is the 2nd wife entitle to anything?

If husband never divorced and remarried what is the wife enttitle to anything

What is the difference between widow and widower?

A widow is a woman whose husband has died, and has not remarried. A widower is a man whose wife has died, and has not remarried.

Is it possible to forgive your husband when he sexually assaulted your fourteen year old niece?

It is possible to forgive anything but that doesn't mean forgetting. I would not want a rapist / child abuser as a husband. They will only attack again. A wife of a child abuser isn't a real wife.

Can ex wife who never remarried collect social security benefit if ex husband took his own life?

An ex wife who never remarried is able to collect social security benefits from an ex husband who has died. This is true even if the ex husband took his own life as long as he paid into the system.

Is a ex-wife entitled to pension benefits of her deceased husband if both never remarried?

I am not sure what your talking about but let me try to answer this. If the wife divorced the man before he died then no she would not be entitled to his pension. It does not matter if she remarried or not.

What us President remarried his wife 3 years after their first wedding because her divorce wasn't final?

Andrew Jackson remarried his wife Rachel after 3 years because she was not divorced from her husband, John Donelson

Is a widow one that has remarried?

No, a widow is someone who's husband has deceased. A widower is a man whose wife is deceased.

What does it mean when a wife has become a widow?

When a wife has become a widow, it means that her husband has passed away and she has not remarried. A more technical definition would be: a women who has out-lived a man to whom she was married at the time of his death; esp. such a woman who has not remarried.

Is a ex wife entitled to an ex husband's military retirement if she has remarried?

That would depend on the settlement agreed at the time of her divorce from her ex husband. That is when these things are settled.

Has a first lady ever died while her husband was in office?

Rachel Jackson Wife of Andrew Jackson the 7th President died right after her husband was elected. Letitia Tyler Wife of John Tyler the 19th President died in 1842 after suffering a stroke, her husband remarried in 1844 to Julia Tyler Caroline Harrison Wife of Benjamin Harrison Died in 1892 right before her husband lost the re-election Ellen Wilson Wife of Woodrow Wilson died in 1914, her husband remarried Edith Galt a year later in 1915.

Can ex-wife resume using your name after she has gotten remarried and is separated from her current husband-not you without your consent?

It has to be approved by a judge, which is not likely.

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