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If you mean having sex in the shower, just as much as having sex anywhere else. If you mean fooling around in the shower and you get come on you, same as having that happen anywhere else. If you mean, you got in the shower and got someones come on you. Pretty slim because it probably died before you got in the shower. And why is there come in the shower? This doesn't make sense to me. If you meant, that you are just worried that you will get pregnant this way, you won't, don't worry.

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โˆ™ 2004-04-19 10:36:15
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Q: What are the chances of becoming pregnant if you come in contact with semen in the shower?
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What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant by sharing the same shower as her brother who has gone through puberty and masturbated once and she went in shortly after?

0% chance.

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If a guys sperm comes inside your vagina can you get pregnancy if you shower after?

As far as I know showering ain't gonna help, if he got sperm inside you, you have a good chance no matter what of becoming pregnant.

Will a girl become pregnant if she took a shower after a guy?


Can you shower your dog after its pregnant?

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Is it easy to get pregnant while in the shower using no protection?

It makes no difference in or out of the shower while having intercourse; if your not on the pill or not using a condom, it is usually east to get pregnant.

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Can you get pregnant if you wash your vagina after intercourse because you took a shower after intercourse and you want to know if you could have damaged the processes of getting pregnant?

Yes you can still get pregnant by the time you get in the shower the sperm is already well on its journey into your uterus.

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The past 2 days you have been feeling lightheaded when you take a hot shower can you be pregnant?

yes. you are undoubtedly pregnant.

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