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If you mean having sex in the shower, just as much as having sex anywhere else. If you mean fooling around in the shower and you get come on you, same as having that happen anywhere else. If you mean, you got in the shower and got someones come on you. Pretty slim because it probably died before you got in the shower. And why is there come in the shower? This doesn't make sense to me. If you meant, that you are just worried that you will get pregnant this way, you won't, don't worry.

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โˆ™ 2004-04-19 10:36:15
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Q: What are the chances of becoming pregnant if you come in contact with semen in the shower?
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What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant by sharing the same shower as her brother who has gone through puberty and masturbated once and she went in shortly after?

0% chance.

How come bangs become greasy right after a shower?

Chances are you're not rinsing your hair completely while you're in the shower.

If a guys sperm comes inside your vagina can you get pregnancy if you shower after?

As far as I know showering ain't gonna help, if he got sperm inside you, you have a good chance no matter what of becoming pregnant.

Is it easy to get pregnant while in the shower using no protection?

It makes no difference in or out of the shower while having intercourse; if your not on the pill or not using a condom, it is usually east to get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant after she takes a shower?

I would be willing to bet that nearly every girl that gets pregnant has showered at some point.Does the shower contribute, no, the boy does.

Will a girl become pregnant if she took a shower after a guy?


Can you have a bath when your pregnant?

Of course you can. You can use a bathtub or a shower.

Can you shower your dog after its pregnant?

Yes just be gentle.

Can you get pregnant if you wash your vagina after intercourse because you took a shower after intercourse and you want to know if you could have damaged the processes of getting pregnant?

Yes you can still get pregnant by the time you get in the shower the sperm is already well on its journey into your uterus.

You ejaculated in the shower and later penetrated your girlfriend is she pregnant?


If someone ejaculated in water that you was in at same time but you didnt have sexual intercorse could you still get pregnant?

I assume you are in a bath tub or Jacuzzi or swimming pool or in a shower. In this scenario, the ejaculate becomes VERY diluted and if you were in a shower, it gets washed away immediately. In any case the chances that enough material gets into the female tract is infinitesimally small except if the ejaculation occurred within few inches of the female private part and even then the chances are still VERY small. Overall the chances are too small to be worrisome

Where can I get someone to service my steam shower unit in Boston ma?

contact a plumber in your area when servicing a steam shower.

The past 2 days you have been feeling lightheaded when you take a hot shower can you be pregnant?

yes. you are undoubtedly pregnant.

Can I take a shower with contact lenses on?

Taking a shower with contact lenses on is perfectly safe as long as one doesn't vigorously scrub their eyes. It is important, however, not to leave contact lenses in too long because they can irritate the eyes.

What do you put on a baby shower invatation?

You put the name of the young woman who is pregnant; where the baby shower will be held; address and the hostess' phone #.

Can you take a shower with contact lenses on?

Yes, you can shower with contact lens but you need to be careful not to get water in your eyes (could wash-out lens) or soap (would sting eye and possibly coat lens).

The name for the function where a pregnant women is decorated with bangles?

baby shower function

Can you get pregnant if you have sperm in your vagina even tho you take a shower right away?

You can get pregnant. This is why...when you are ovulating, your cervix opens. The sperm go into the cervix and up into the fallopian tubes where they meet the egg. A shower will only make you clean.

If a guy uses the pull out method pees takes a shower and then uses it again what are the chances of the girl being pregnant if no condoms were used?

The chances are high. You are gambling. the pull out method relies on a guy to pull out right before he squirts. and most of the time if guy "pull out it time" he has all readdy shot in side of you a few time and then did it again

Is it proper to have a bridal shower for a bride to be that is also unexpectedly pregnant and gets married at the courthouse?

There is nothing wrong with giving a late bridal shower for who got married at the courthouse and is also pregnant. It may make her feel better considering she did not have a traditional wedding. You could either do it that way or wait and have a baby shower for her.

Is it necessary to perform a ghusl when a disbeliever becomes a Muslim?

If one has washed oneself after becoming junub, it is mustahab [an act for which there is thawâb (blessing) and if omitted there is no sin] for one to make a ghusl for becoming a Muslim. If a disbeliever who is junub has a shower to wash the dirt, that person also gets out of the state of janâbat. For niyyat [intention] in ghusl is not fard in the Hanafî Madhhab. One is considered to have made a ghusl when one has a shower. However, if that person has not taken a shower after becoming junub, then it is fard to perform a ghusl when becoming a Muslim. (Ethics of Islam)

Will taking a hot shower after sex help decrease the chances of pregnancy?

NO. Showering or duching neither one will decrease chance of pregnancy. FYI...sperm can remain vital for 3 days. If you are concerned that you may be pregnant, take a homepregnancy test. hope this helps..........

Can you get pregnant with pre-ejaculate while having a shower?

If it is deposited in the vagina (internally, not externally) and it contains sperm you could become pregnant.

If you are a virgin but you took a shower with your boyfriend and he came and then after he came he rubbed on you is there a chance that you could be pregnant?

Where did he rub it? If the semen came into contact with your genitals, there is a very very small chance of you falling pregnant. Most of the time you will be safe as there are only a couple of days in which you are fertile, and also your boyfriend probably had soap on his hands which would've killed off some of the sperm. But any time semen comes into contact with your genitals, you are running a very very small risk of pregnancy. If the semen came in contact with your vagina, it is always possible. They are drawn up inside of you, even if not insterted vaginally. However, it is a very slim possibility that you could be. Hello. Based on what you said it is very unlikely you will be pregnant from this episode because you was in the shower and any remaining sperm on your boyfriends penis would of be washed off by the water. But if there is a chance that sperm came into contact with your vagina, then there is a small risk of pregnancy associated with this.

Can you get pregnant if you have intercourse for like 30 secs but stop?

and what if the man had masturbated earlier that day but had a shower ?