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Personally i don't think it's possible to carry a baby successfully in your tube, that would be an etopic pregnancy and if left untreated it can be dangerous. my sister was three months when she lost the baby cuz it was in her tube and the doctor said there is no way that would be possible the baby needsa utuerus to grow the tubes isn't just gonna do it..hope that helps! I have had my tubal done now 16 years an i think im just to afraid to find out currently im awaiting my reaults,,i will keep you posted best of luck!!!

AnswerHello there! I have heard of many women who get pregnant and have the baby healthy after having a tubal ligation. I think the failure rate is a little higher than the doctors say. But hey what do I know? lol....I'm not a doctor. I had a tubal(cut and burned)6 years ago and 2 months ago I did get pregnant....I did end up miscarrying...but the whole thing is the sperm met the egg and made it to my uterus which would not have happened if the tubes was blocked as it is supposed to be. So I am not convinced that a tubal ligation is as effective as they say. Hope this adds a little food for thought. Thanks...Lisa
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Q: What are the chances of delivering a healthy baby after having your tubes tied and burned and if you have a tubal pregnancy can you carry successfully through a tubal pregnancy?
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