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i got prgnant after 2 weeks of being pregnant so yes you can i didn't think that you could


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Any bleeding that is from a baby implanting in the uterine lining is called implantation bleeding. So, you have to be pregnant for that to occur. If you are not pregnant and experience bleeding, you should see a doctor. There are many reasons why a woman bleeds between periods, but some of them are serious.

Between 2 and 5 women get pregnant after a csection and tubal.

Chlamydia can cause bleeding if the cervix is more severely infected. The bleeding is often between periods or after sex. If you're pregnant and having bleeding contact your health care provider today.

Yes, normally you will have pain and bleeding. Commonly it starts between 5-7 weeks pregnant.

Bleeding, light or otherwise, does not necessarily mean you are or are not pregnant. Bleeding in between monthly periods can mean many things.In the early weeks of pregnancy, you cannot know for sure unless you take a pregnancy test.

No, but you might have bleeding in between periods. You may be pregnant and should check.

The following symptoms can indicate endometriosis: Painful or heavy periods, the pain being in the lower abdomen or back; Pain during and after sex; Bleeding between periods; Difficulty becoming pregnant. There are other possible symptoms, but a doctor will need to confirm the diagnosis.

yes you can. I had a two day period (technically called implantation bleeding) and i think i might be pregnant Do a pregnancy test and get your doc to do a blood test for you.

If this is the normal time for your period to start no, however if you had sex between 10 and 15 days after your period had started. this could be implantation bleeding and you might be pregnant.

You are not pregnant but this is not normal. Post-coital (after sex) or inter-menstrual (between periods) bleeding are not normal. I suggest you see a doctor.

Implantation bleeding normally occurs 2-3 days before your normal period is due, presents as slight blood spotting on the panties and is gone after a day. No need for regular menstrual protection such as pads or tampons. A period however will traditionally last between 3-7 days and blood loss will be enough to wear a sanitary napkin or other protection.Implantation bleeding is usually scanty and happens between 6-12 days after ovulation while periods takes place when theres no ovulation.

It is a possibility, it could be Implantation Bleeding. Implantation Bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. About a third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding. It can happen at the time the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, on average between 6 to 12 days past ovulation. Unless it is accompanied by cramping, backache or increased bleeding, a small amount of blood being discharged should be considered as implantation bleeding which is nothing to be concerned about.

Many women experience bleeding or spotting between periods. At a time in life when it is not expected, such as before age 9, when you are pregnant, or after Abnormal vaginal bleeding has many possible causes.

Abnormal bleeding includes bleeding between menstrual periods, excessive bleeding during a menstrual period, or bleeding after menopause

Metrorrhagia is bleeding between periods. Menometrorrhagia, in contrast, is heavy bleeding and bleeding between periods.

Theyre all bleeding. Do you really need an answer? Use wikipedia then.

When breaking the hymen with sexual intercourse between a man and a woman it is possible for the woman to become pregnant. Keep in mind that whenever you have sexual intercourse without protection(between a man and woman) there is always the possiblity that you may get pregnant.

Internal bleeding is when you bleed on the inside as where normal bleeding is where you bleed on the outside

Cartilage provides padding and protection between bones.

Yes. Spotting can indicate implantation of the fetus into the uterine wall (usually between 3-5 weeks pregnant). Spotting can also indicate the start of a miscarriage. BUT many many pregnancies have had spotting (and even heavier bleeding) and still been successful.

pelvic pain......bleeding after intercourse, bleeding after menopause, Bleeding that occurs between regular menstraul period

The longest time frame I had was 7 days but I was pregnant at the time. I didnt know I was. I guessed I was pregnant when my period came but it was very very light and brown bleeding.

Spotting is very light bleeding. It comes few and far between throughout the day or week as a very light pinkish fluid. You may only see a speckle or two of the pinkish fluid in a pantyliner throughout a full day. Bleeding is, well, bleeding. You will know if you are bleeding.

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