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You are a Scorpio if your birthdate is between October 24th and November 22nd.

Typical characteristicsScorpios are water signs. They tend to be very strong-willed but know their strengths and weaknesses. While generally being stubborn, demanding, obsessive, possessive and easily angered, Scorpios can be supportive, protective, generous, brave, loyal and thoughtful. People born under this sign are strong and fiery but make good friends and intense partners.They also are very aggressive involving teams in a game> So practicaly they just want to win.

You should note that this is just a generalization. I know many Scorpios and not many of them fit into this description. The information given above can be found in pretty much any star sign book and classifies only the most typical Scorpio.

As a water sign, Scorpios are always changing, persistent and endearing. Water moves in a cycle, from steam to liquid to ice. This corresponds with the Scorpio's ability to shape-shift between forms and with the Scorpio's tendency to live in cycles as well, growing in one aspect until it yearns for change, then destroying everything it once was to start over again in a new light, yet still retaining what it learned from its past life.

Aside from the scorpion, another adequate animalistic symbol for the evolved form of anyone under this sign is the Phoenix.

However, Scorpion signifies a Scorpio only in the early young years. In their mature philosophical years the Scorpios are signified aptly by the lone eagle looking towards the sky.


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