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Answer When two people have good chemistry, they usually see things in life as one. They really get along well and are usually friends long before becoming lovers. They feel comfortable with each other, and there is never a need to have people around them as the chemistry that they share they want to keep.

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What Is A Good Description Of Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter, its characteristics and properties, and its interactions with other forms of matter. Chemistry is basically applied physics at the particle level.

What is chemistry between two people?

Chemistry is another term that describes how well two people get along. Most people with good chemistry enjoy spending time with each other, and also have a lot in common. The two individuals will also share a comfortable physical connection.

What are the good characteristics of a gay person?

Gay people have exactly the same range of good characteristics that straight people have.

How does biodegradable plastic helps in many people?

They helps because they is good in the people, for the chemistry. When the same but no chemistry, is not plastic biodegradable but, otherwise good for them which why they helps. Not the biology!

Can you do chemistry if you're good at math or is that a myth?

You can do Chemistry if you're interested in Chemistry and want to learn something about it. There's no connection between it and math, in either direction.

Characteristics of a good government?

There are many characteristics in a good government. A good government will meet the needs of the people while keeping the peace.

Explanation of why is chemistry helps in education?

If there isn't good chemistry between the teacher and the student, the student won't be able to learn well.

What are the characteristics of mesosphere?

it is when people fart and it feels good

How is chemistry related to environmental science?

Chemistry is the chemistry if youre a chemistry then good for you

Characteristics good health?

The characteristics of good health are to eat 2 fruit and 5 vegetables each day. And to keep your BMI between 20 to 25

What are the characteristics of good constitution?

a good constitution must take into consideration the interest of the people

What are the characteristics of mentally healthy people?

You feel good about yourself You feel good about yourself

Is it true that if you are good at math but not programming you will fail physics chemistry and engineering?

No.Before there was a subject called programming (this is a recent development) there were plenty of people who were good at Math, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

What are the product of chemistry and technology that are used today?

I good we can use teck and call people

What is good pure chemistry or applied chemistry?

on whichg sub you are having good command thah is good for you

How hard is chemistry if you are good at algebra?

After my opinion it is not true: if you are good at mathematics you must be good at chemistry and physics.

What are the good slogan for chemistry?

non sense chemistry

Can a musician and an aeronautical engineer have good chemistry?

Anyone can have good chemistry. What your job is plays no effect in your chemistry. It all depends on the personality.

What are the characteristics of a good first aid?

The characteristics of people who provide good first aid include the following:gentleresourcefulobservanttactfulempatheticrespectable

What are some good chemistry labs?

Thousands of good chemistry labratories exist around the world.

What is a good example of a pure chemistry?

For example quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, cheminformatics, etc.

List two characteristics of a good culture medium?

What majors are good for people who are good at and love algebra?

Engineering(except software and electrical) Accounting Economics Mathematics Physics Chemistry

What is the best characteristics of Jose Rizal?

he is very smart and very good people

How do you xxplain the characteristics of a good questionnaire?

= Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire =