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It could have helped if you specified a year. Tempo was made from '84 to '94 and changed a considerable amount. Go to:

Then look for your year and go over to the right side and click the "Stereo" link.

Voila! this site is correct in it's info. I used it for my '92 Tempo GL.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-03 13:26:10
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Q: What are the colors of Ford Tempo stereo wires?
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How do you take out 1985 Ford Tempo stereo?

with "ford radio removal tool"

Ford Fiesta stereo wiring diagram?

You can get a Ford Fiesta stereo wiring diagram at a website called modifiedlife. It also lists all the wire colors for each component that is needed for wiring the stereo.

Ford tempo no brake lights?

A Ford Tempo will have no brake lights if the bulb has blown or the wires have come loose. Alternatively, the brake sensor in the dash can fail and stop sending power to the lights.

When was Ford Tempo created?

Ford Tempo was created in 1984.

How is a 1994 ford explorer amplifier wired?

when i hooked up my stereo it took me a while to figure out what those extra wires were lol but i ended up hooking the amp wires up to a ground coming from the stereo that worked.

How do you pull stock stereo out of ford tempo without special tools?

unbend a coat hanger, cut it in half, bend the two parts into a U shape, slide it into the slots im guessing. thats what i did on my ford truck stereo good luck

1993 Ford Tempo wiring diagram for stereo? has a link

Where do the plug wires go on92 ford tempo on the distrbuter cap?

Firing order 1-3-4-2

What is the wiring schematic for the stereo on a 1988 Ford F-250 truck?

look up, this could help . They have color chart for the wires and what they mean.

How fast can a Ford Tempo gl go?

my 89 ford tempo goes 85

Where is the thermostat on a 1989 Ford Tempo located?

where is the thermostat located on a 1989 ford tempo

What are car stereo wiring colors for a 2007 ford ranger?

Color code chart speakerwireing,2007ford,ranger

How do you replace ball joint 95 Ford Tempo?

There's no such thing as a 1995 Ford Tempo...

Where is the air conditioner drain located in a 1993 Ford Tempo?

Were is the ac drain on a ford tempo,

How do you uninstall a Crown Victoria 1991 stereo?

You need to get a set of Ford Stereo removal keys, once you have those, insert them into the holes, apply pressure away from the stereo and pull the entire unit out. then you simply unplug the wires from the back and your done!

How do you replace the PCM on a 1994 Ford Tempo GL?

How do you replace the PCM ON A 1994 Ford Tempo GL?

What colors are the speaker wires for a 98 Ford Contour?

There's a wire map here at this website

What are the colour codes for ford ef audio wires?

The Ford audio wires consist of five different colors. The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The speaker wires are green and yellow. The auxiliary wire is white.

Location of the factory amp for 98 ford expedition?

If you pull the stereo and follow a big group of wires that run directly behind the stereo on the trans hump, you will find it. It is just forward and below the stereo. Not sure of the easy way to get to it as mine was already bypassed.

What is tire size for 1993 Ford Tempo?

The factory spec for tires for a '93 Ford Tempo is P185/70R14.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1993 Ford Tempo?

the fule pump is in the gas tank in the 1993 ford tempo

How do you find out if your 1992 ford tempo has an electronic fule pump?

what kind of fule pump is in a 1992 ford tempo

Ford 91 tempo firing order?

How Many cylinders does the Tempo have?

How do you change brake light in 1998 Ford Tempo?

you will have to disassemble the rear lens by entering the trunk. If the question really is for a 1998 Ford Tempo, then the answer is - you can't because the last Ford Tempo model year is 1994!!

Is there a Fuel pump relay for a 1987 Ford Tempo gl?

it is ont the driver side strut mount it is 4 by 6 by 2 and has alot of wires going to it