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Q: What are the consequeces of rodding out your catalitic converter until you can afford a new replacement?
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Method for cleaning drains?

1- Water Jetting2- Rodding (snaking)3- chemicals

What should be used to unstop a basement floor drain?

A sectional rodding machine is the best bet.

Where YOU use rodding eye?

For cleaning out a blocked drain. The far end of the rodding system used to be shaped in a small fully formed loop - hence the imagined eye shape. This shape meant it could be moved in both directions without much chance of it getting hooked up.

What are the release dates for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 1987 Hot-Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X 1-4?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 1987 Hot-Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X 1-4 was released on: USA: 17 December 1987

Will a Chevy 572 big block fit in a 1980 firebird?

Anything will fit any car, anytime. That is hot rodding.

What consolidating concrete?

Newly placed concrete will often have air pockets in it. Rodding it or vibrating it will cause the concrete to settle, or consolidate, better.

How do you clear a backed up bathroom sink?

Depends on the type of stoppage, hair, soap scum. Normally simply snaking (rodding) the line with a 1/4" snake will do the job NEVER EVER use chemicals In addition, i concur about the chemicals, another option in addition to rodding would be to use a plunger, but this does depend on the type of blockage at hand

How cleaning plug up sewer pipe?

That would depend on the stoppage type water Jetting soft stoppages such as sand /silt grease and rodding for hard stoppages such roots

What can cause a 2000 crown vic ex cop car to overheat after rodding the radiator and replacing the thermostat?

Not sure what you mean by rodding the rad., but, if it were cleaned by a rad. shop and given the ok, then, has the water pump been changed, is there a blockage in the system, is there an air lock in the system? To release an air lock, bleed the system by the heater hose with the engine at operating temp. Does it over heat at idle, hiway speed, with the a/c on or off ?

Is cast iron expensive?

Only if installed improperly as cast iron is long lasting , quiet, is not carcinogenic in case of a fire and the longer radius fitting allow for much easier rodding

How much does it cost for sewer line cleaning?

For rodding up to 8" diameter it should cost $1.25 per foot of snake Min. Water Jetting $2.50 per ft

How do you use a drain cleaning electric eel?

The trade name electric eel is used for water jetting and rodding (sewer and drain cables) and depending on the type of equipment would determine on its usage

Can you put a 1967 Camaro body on a 1983 Camaro frame?

That is the beauty of hot rodding, my friend. You can make anything, fit anything. Imagination, fabrication, patience, and ambition, will be your key, and most used tools.

How to unclog the sewer water line?

That would depend on the type of stoppageSoft stoppages such as grease /soil /soap scum would require Jetting Hard stoppages rags / roots require rodding

How do drain cleaners unclog grease from drains?

FOG(fats , oil grease) are cleaned by use of water jetting equipment as rodding is useless in these situations.Ideally FOG is caught in a grease trap or oil separator

What articles can one see in Car Craft magazines?

Car Craft magazine publishes articles about automobiles, hot rodding and drag racing. One can expect to read about automobile building the budget friendly way.

What makes your outside drain bubble and slowly go down when the toilet is flushed?

The sewer line is blocked. Have a plumber come and inspect your manholes or run some rods down your sewerline from a rodding point to check what is wrong.

What would be the cause of transmission fluid to turn dark in a 2007 Subaru?

It's burnt. Quit street racing or hot rodding it you dubmf**k. Also, get it changed and get a shift kit to pro-long your trans life.

350 motor got hot now wont start?

You can find a detailed guide on fixing the motor on

Which small block Chevy is the best for hot rodding?

That would be the very first v-8 Chevy made. 265 CID engine. It will be hard to find. The good o 350 engine is a good 1 to modify also. IF DOON RIGHT.

When toilet is flushed upstairs the sink drain in kitchen downstairs gurgles why and how can I fix this?

What you probably need to do is snake out the vents. You probably have debris in them.1- you may have a slight blockage2- Poor venting and water Jetting will scour the piping rather then rodding

How do you clear a main sewer line?

That would depend on what type of "Stoppage" is presentRoots, rags hard stoppages require rodding (snakes) soft stoppages grease ,soil require the use of water Jetters to scour the lines to restore full flow

Can you put a 350 Chevy small block into a 1982 Chevy s10 with little or no hassle?

V8 swapYes you can. you will have to update the computer and most of the sensors. SOme of them are the same for the v6. The rear axel wont have to be swapped out but it would be a good thing. unless ur out hot rodding it it will last.

Can muriatic acid be used to clean out a car radiator?

i used to work in a radiator shop back in the day and we put a radiator on a rotating machine and put muric acid in it and let it rotate for some time, then flushed it out and the radiator was totally clean, no more rodding. they were copper then. not sure about todays alum radiators

What drain cleaning products are there?

There are two types of stoppages Soft and hardHard is rags / roots and heavy build up of mud , mineral depositsSoft is grease ,soap scumDepending on which type you have one either uses a snake (rodding) or water jetting to scour the lines to restore full flow