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What are the consequences of running a stop sign?


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It depends whether or not you are caught. if you are caught, you may simply receive a warning, citation or possibly a fine. If you aren't caught, and you are not involved in an accident, nothing will happen. Though someone may call you an a**.


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No, running a stop sign anywhere it is needed is illegal!

Is dangerous and unlawful.

The fine for running a stop sign is usually around $35.00 or so. However, it will vary depending on the city in which you received the traffic ticket.

Failure to yieldDisregarding a traffic signal, such as running a red lightRunning or rolling through a Stop Sign

Can anyone tell me if there are points on your license for running a stop sign in FL? I have my CDL and I'm not able to go to driving school.

Not in the UK, failing to stop at a stop sign is a motoring offence, you can be fined and points added to your driving licence, but you will not get a criminal record.

There may be a fine up to $200 for running a stop sign in Kingsland ,Ga. In some states a moving violation can be moved down to a parking violation.

The fine in Oklahoma for running a stop sign varies from county to county. In Oklahoma City, the county seat of Oklahoma County, the fine is $172.00.

idk lol but i just got stopped the other day driving with out my license and "Failing to stop at a stop sign" but i have a permit. and i was by myself. what are some consequences i could be faced with?

Appear. Your fine will depend on your record.

It's illegal. Stop at stop signs, observe, and if conditions allow, continue driving.

There is none. Running a stop sign is a volatiion of traffic regulations not of statutory law. They always exist and will appear on your traffic record. If you have a traffic ticket just go ahead and pay it.

The fine for a ticket for running a stop sign in California is $214. Court costs and fees will be an additional $100 to $200.

Sentencing implies criminal punishment like jail time. Do you mean monetary fines? Also, by "running over," do you mean failing to stop at a stop sign? Because you might also mean physically running over or destroying government property. This too may change the answer.

yes,because in my Newspaper to it says 44 year old man was arrested for for disregarding a stop sign and in jail on a $200.00 bond.

Yes. You must stop at stop signs in shopping malls. Sometimes the fine may not be the same as for running a stop sign on public property. In one state it is a violation for refusal to obey a legal traffic sign. A stop sign is a legal traffic sign under state law. Also, if you fail to stop for a "private" stop sign, you can be held responsible for any resulting damage or injuries occurring from your actions.

In the Columbus area it is about 120 dollars.

My friend just got a $150 ticket for it in Indianapolis.

I got 1 in Riverside & WAS OVER 400.00.

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