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Hurts the environment, and cars that use fossil fuels generally have more problems than electric. Also more expensive to fill

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Fossil fuels and uranium

You can't use fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) for solar power. You can use fossil fuels to burn to make electricity. Solar power is another way of generating electricity that is better, without negative consequences. The negative effects of using fossil fuels are the polluting greenhouse gases emitted, mostly carbon dioxide (CO2). These gases are building in the atmosphere and causing global warming.

There will eventually be no fossil fuels to use in the world.

Population affects fossill fuels by people using the fossil fuels

We are using up the fossil fuels, but no new fossil fuels are being created. They are believed to form over millions of years, and we are using them up much faster.

we can limit using fossil fuels by increasing solar, wind and water power use. using renewable sources

No. Fossil fuels store chemical energy. It is this chemical energy we tap by using them for fuels.

No. Some electricity is made by using fossil fuels. There's a difference.

If you keep using fossil fuels it there will be no more and you cant give off energy.

Fossil fuels that can be obtained using current technology are called proven reserves.

All fossil fuels are fossil fuels.

We use fossil fuels all the time and we will keep using them. You should really just cut back on how many fossil fuels you are using. Unplug plugs when your not using them etc, etc I hope this helped

There are many alternatives to fossil fuels. We can generate electricity by using nuclear, solar, wind, and other sources of power. We can also manufacture fuels out of corn or other crops. Of course, even though fossil fuels can be replaced, that is expensive, and the economic consequences are very serious. Whether the human race can make the transition smoothly, remains to be seen.

Fossil fuels are bad for ozone layer and environment. They pollute the ecosystem.

something that is bad about fossil fuels is that it makes to much polution and it is unreplaceable

Fossil fuels are used because they are easily available. Fossil fuels also generate a high amount of energy as compared to alternative sources of energy.

Fossil fuels benefits include relatively easy to access, reliable, and abundance. Unlike some of the alternatives, fossil fuels are not weather dependent.

Most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. If we use less electricity, then the use of fossil fuels will also be less.

There are several benefits of using fossil fuels as compared to other forms of fuel. Some benefits are that fossil fuels are readily available in large quantity and are easy to process. Other benefits are that fossil fuels produce more energy and are cheaper.

how r fossil fuels canverted to fuels

Are there any motorized vehicles or gas fired furnaces? Then yes you are using fossil fuels.

They don't help the environment. In fact, we need to stop polluting the environment by using less fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are clean burning and will not be bad for the environment. We will never run out of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are good for our health. These are a few that are not true about fossil fuels.

Most electricity is made by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), so any time you use electricity, fossil fuels have been used. If you have a gas cooker or use gas or oil for heating, then you are using fossil fuels.

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