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Antibacterial soap and paper towels; waterless hand sanitizer; CPR mouth shield; gloves; goggles ;barrier gown; alcohol wipes; thermometer; thermometer protective sheaths; stethoscope; blood pressure cuff; disposable measuring tools; penlight; Q-Tips; scissors; gauze pads of different sizes; tape; Spill Kit.

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Q: What are the content of community health nursing bag?
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What is bag technique?

It the proper way of using the OB Clinical set in Nursing education. The proper handling of this bag and its proper maintainance for its content. It is the proper way of using the OB Clinical set in Nursing education. And also the proper handling of the bag and its proper maintainance for its content.

What is phn bag technique?

The Public Health Nurse bag technique is a method nurses use during a home nursing visit. A health bag is used to avoid the spread of infection when treating a patient.

What is the purpose of nursing ob bag?

what is the use of nursing ob bag

Content of ob bag?

What is the content of Ob bag

What are the uses of public health bag?

Public Health Bag is an essential and indispensable equipment of a public health nurse which he/she has to carry along when he/she goes out home visiting.It contains basic medications and articles which are necessary for giving care.Bag technique is performed in order to render an effective nursing care to clients and/or members of the family during home visit.

Arrangement of OB bag?

Ob bag content, uses and arrangement

What is Nursing bag technique?

Great care must be taken to avoid contamination of your nursing bag or any of its contents when you perform home visits. Hence the notion of "nursing bag technique." The nursing bag should never be put on the floor. When the bag is placed on any other surface it should be placed on top of a barrier such as a clean "chux" or other kind of pad brought by the nurse. Alternatively the nurse can place the bag on top of a clean newspaper. Any item taken from the bag should be placed on the barrier if it is necessary to put it down. Items used during the visit should not go back into the bag, but rather placed in a separate disposable bag. No one but the nurse should touch the bag. Remember, the bag or any of its contents can become a means for the spread of germs. On this note: Newspapers are very clean - except for the ink that might get on your hands! They have few germs when they are freshly printed and delivered and can be used to cover a patient in shock (for example at the site of a car accident) or used to wrap a newborn when an emergency delivery occurs in the home or car). I hope this helps a bit.

Why did the microwave popcorn bag set on fire when you had kept it in the microwave just for 2min?

The heat generated inside the bag exceeded the insulation resistance of the bag content.

What is contained in a spill kit in the nursing home?

papers , gloves, goggles, yellow plastic bag

When the bag completely deflates with each breath which is the most appropriate nursing action to apply?


What is the Principle of bag technique?

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What does it mean to dream with your own blood in a bag?

In this dream, the blood could represent your health. Carrying the blood in the bag might suggest that you are taking chances with your health.