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What are the contents of quinolon?

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May 01, 2007 2:46PM

QUINALAN IS AN "ANTIARRHYTHMIC" AND is prescribed for abnormal heart rhythms. It is one of four medications whose main ingredient is "quinidine". It is derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. (Also where we get "quinine" from, which is used to treat malaria.) The four medications are different from on another based on the composition and amount of quinidine. They are: quinidine bisulfate (66.4% quinidine base) known as Biquin & Kinidin., quinidine gluconate (62% quinidine base) known as Quinaglute Dura-Tabs & Quinalan., quinidine polygalacturonate (60.5% quinidine base) known as Cardioquin., and quinidine sulfate (83% quinidine base) known as Cin-Quin, Quinora & Quinidex Extentabs. The different stenghts are NOT interchangable, unless a change is specifically ordered by your doctor. There are quite a few possible side effects as well as drug/drug interactions. If you or someone you know is on this medication, you should DEFINITLEY ask your pharmacist for a print out describing all the information and side effects, and read it very carefully!