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The arrow keys are the arrow keys, naturally.

Here's what I've figured out so far:

Enter = Start

Shift = B

Alt = A

Z = left trigger thing

X = right trigger thing

Select = Tab

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How do you put cheats on boycott advance?

you cant

How do you save on VBA on mac?

im pretty sure you cant. try boycott advance or NO$GBA

How do you open Pokemon roms?

If you double click the ROM itself, it will ask which program to open it with. You must have an application. (emulator) I suggest "Boycott Advance" or "Visualboy Advance".

Urban regin ps2 advance controls and unbreakable grapples?

urban reign ps2 advnced controls&unbreakable grapples

How did the Montgomery bus boycott advance civil rights?

It Was Not it was Martin Luther King who boycotted the busses and they lost 65% of their buisness.

What are the controls of a Game Boy advance?

Each game has its own unique controls but some are universal such as Start is pause or menus and A being jump.

What are the controls for playing Pokemon in visual boy advance?

You must say what game of Pokemon in visual boy advance,I have all or i don't have all.But i have many of them.

What controls distributor advance on a 1987 Chevy 305 TBI engine?

Distributor Advance is the wrong term; the Distributor Advance system implies actually moving the timing components of the distributor to control timing of spark in the engine (A Vacuum Advance, is an example of this). Modern controls use computer spark mapping, through learned routines or factory set timing models to control the spark based on these tables, through the computer. In all essence it is the computer that controls all spark functions.

Name of Bus Boycott?

The name of the bus boycott was the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

How do you use GameShark codes on boycott advance?

Go to the cheats section of the visual boy advance and select cheat list. Click the code box and input the GameShark code. Many of the boxes will require a master code first in order to register your main code. Not all codes will work in the advance.

What term means the refusal to buy a company's products?

boycottA protest or boycottboycott

What boycott did Chavez lead?

Grape boycott.

How successful was the first day of the boycott?

Which boycott?

What was Rosa parks boycott named?

Rosa Parks boycott was named the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

How would boycott be in a sentence?

The people put a boycott on tea. boycott - a refusal in buying goods from someone

Refuse to buy?


What are the best controlers for Game Boy Advance?

There are currently no external controllers for the GBA system. The controls are found on the handheld device.

Can you give 5 examples of the word boycott in a sentence?

The group encouraged their members to boycott certain foods. The movie boycott was successful. A boycott may or may not have the desired results. If enough people boycott the company, it will change it's ways. The boycott will take place until they get the results they want.

What was used to discourage the protesters involved in the Montgomery bus boycott?

Violence against the boycott leader Arrest of the boycott leader Appeal of a federal court decision supporting the boycott

What is a sentence with boycott?

A boycott started over the two countries.

What part of speech is boycott?

Boycott is either a noun or verb.

Why did colonists boycott British goods?

To boycott British taxes

When was the Jewish boycott?

The Jewish Boycott Was On April 1st 1933

A sentence with the word boycott?

We should start a bus Boycott.

What is the past tense of boycott?

The past tense of boycott is boycotted.