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What are the countries in the temperate zone?

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Temperate zones are located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle as well as the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle. In the link located below there is a political map of the world showing the temperate zones in highlighted red.

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which two countries are in temperate zone?

Florida and Canada

What 5 countries are located in the temperate climate zone?

five important countries in torrid ,temperate,frigid zone

Countries in temperate zone?


What is all the countries for north temperate?

Tropical areas--probably asking for all of the countries in the N temperate zone of the continent or area you are studying; or all countries in the N temperate zone, see link.

What countries are in the temperate zone?

Japan and New Zealand are in the temperate zone, because they are north and south of the tropics.

Which countries lie in the temperate zone?

There are several countries that live in the mild temperate zone. The United States, England, Ireland, Germany, Southern Australia, Northern Asia, and Northern Mexico all lie in the temperate zone.

What two countries found in the temperate zone?

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How do you call countries with four seasons?

Countries with four seasons are ka temperate countries, because of their location in the temperate zone.

Name the countries which lie in Temperate Zone?

The two temperate zones are South and North Temperate Zones. The countries in South Temperate Zone include Southern Africa, southern South America, New Zealand and southern Australia. The countries in North Temperate Zone include northern Mexico, North America, northern Asia, Europe and Great Britain.

What countries lie in the north temperate zone?

All European countries.

What countries are in the south temperate zone?

russia and canada

What countries are present in the north temperate zone?


What all countries are in the temperate zone?


What are the countries of the temperate zone?

australia , japan and new zealad

Which countries are in the temperate zone?

me na no. ask someone else. me from jamaca.

Which 5 countries are in the temperate zone?

I think you mean which five continents are in the Temperate Zone, as there are much more than just five countries: North America South America Africa Asia Australia

What are the temperate countries?

There are several countries that are in the temperate zone. They are America, northern Mexico, Great Britain, Northern Asia, Southern Australia, and New Zealand.

What countries in temperate zone?

Well the Northern temperate zone is from the tropic of cancer (23.5 degrees north to the arctic circle). So, most of Canada, some of the US, much of western Europe etc. The Southern temperate zone is from 23.5 degrees south latitude to the Antarctic Circle. Peru, South Africa, some of Australia lie in this zone. There are many other countries in the Northern Temperate Zone.

What countries are in the temperature zone?

I believe that you are a bit confused. There is no "temperature zone" since everywhere has a temperature of some kind. You are probably thinking of the temperate zone. Temperate means moderate, not extreme. The planet Earth has two temperate zones, north and south. These are not too close to the hot equator, and not too close to the cold poles, hence they are temperate. There are many countries in these zones, including most of the United States of America (however, one state, Alaska, is in the Arctic zone, not the temperate zone).

What countries lie in the temperate zone?

There are several countries that lie in the temperate zone. Some of these countries are the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, France, Austria, Liechtenstein, Denmark, and Poland.

India lies in which temperate zone?

Temperate zone & Torrid zone

Countries which lie in temperate zone?

Usa New Zealand italy and ect

What temperate zone is the US in?

The temperate zone that the United States is different in different regions of the country. The southeast coast is a warm temperate zone. The southwest is a dry temperate zone.

Is Peru part of the tropical or temperate zone?

temperate zone

The natural vegetation of the temperate zone?

grasses are mostly seen as vegetation in temperate zone. grasslands are mostly seen in temperate zone.