What are the countries of the Caribbean islands in alphabetical order?

The islands of the Caribbean Sea are known collectively as the West Indies, or the Antilles. The Greater Antiles are the larger islands (Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico), and the remaining smaller ones as the Lesser Antilles. There are also small islands (coastal and otherwise) claimed by various countries of Central and South America.

Major island groups and /or sovereign countries that exist in the region are listed below.
(* = Not technically in the Carribbean Sea, as they are north of Cuba and Haiti.)

Anguilla (about 20 islands and smaller cays)

Antigua and Barbuda (two large, 40 smaller islands)

Aruba (main island, 3 cays) * Kingdom of the Netherlands

*Bahamas (29 islands, 661 cays, more than 2000 small rocky islets or reefs)

Barbados (main island, uninhabited Culpepper Island)

Bonaire (Netherlands)

British Virgin Islands (15 inhabited, more than 35 unoccupied)

Cayman Islands (3 small islands, with associated cays, between Cuba and Jamaica)

Cuba (main island, 20 or so smaller, most uninhabited)

Curaçao (1 inhabited, 1 uninhabited island)*Kingdom of the Netherlands

Dominica (also smaller Bird Island claimed by Venezuela)

Dominican Republic (east two-thirds of Hispaniola, a dozen smaller islands)

Grenada (main island, 6 smaller, all northeast of Venezuela)

Guadeloupe (French overseas region, 2 main islands)

Haiti (west part of Hispaniola, 5 islands, and 1 claimed by the US)

Jamaica (main island, more than 20 smaller islands and cays)

Martinique (French overseas region, main island and more than 40 small islets)

Montserrat (British overseas territory, volcanic island and 2 islets)

Puerto Rico (US territory includes several dozen coastal islands)

Saba (Netherlands)

Saint Barthélemy (overseas collectivity of France)

Saint Kitts and Nevis (two main islands, 18 smaller)

Saint Lucia (main island, 16 smaller)

Saint-Martin (overseas collectivity of France)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (main island, 35 of the Grenadines - rest are Grenada)

Sint Eustasius (Netherlands)

Sint Maarten - (south half of Saint-Martin) *Kingdom of the Netherlands

Trinidad and Tobago (2 large, on the Venezuelan coast

* Turks and Caicos Islands (British overseas territory, 8 islands, 20 smaller in 2 groups)

US Virgin Islands (4 islands, more than 60 minor ones, east of Puerto Rico)