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i gase $800 from u.s.a to rome.

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valentines day bruh

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Q: What are the customs in Rome?
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Does Vatican City have customs?

No, there are no customs in the Vatican. However, since all travelers to the Vatican arrive through Rome and would be subject to Italian Customs at that point.

What does when in rome do as the Romans imply?

It means to adapt and blend in with your surroundings. To follow the local customs and not try to impose your customs on the host country.

Neighboring Italian tribe who conquered rome and influenced many of her customs and traditions?


When in rome does as the Romans?

It is my interpretation of the quote, "When in Rome do as the Romans do" to speak the language of the country which is mainly Italian. Latin is also spoken in Rome but only ceremoniously at the Vatican

Rome's victory in the Punic Wars led to the diffusion of what?

Rome's victory in the Punic wars led to the diffusion of Roman culture, influence, laws and customs throughout the Mediterranean area.

What customs did Pompeii have?

It was part of the Roman empire so pretty much the same as Rome and other places of the empire

What was the purpose of the treaty of rome 1957?

The Treaty of Rome was one of a group of treaties through which the European Economic Community was formed. This created a common market and customs union among its members.

What has the author Pierre Grimal written?

Pierre Grimal has written: 'La civilisation romaine' -- subject(s): Rome, Civilization 'Love in ancient Rome' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Marriage

How long does it take to go through customs arriving from Rome to Newark?

This will vary greatly depending on what scrutiny you are subject to. I lined up for about a half hour last time and spent 25 seconds or so actually clearing customs.

What are the similarities and differences between ancient burial customs in china Egypt and rome?

Well, in China, they bury people in hills, in Egypt pyramids,

What ethical reasoing doe the following quote resembleWhen in Rom do as the Romans do?

The expression w'hen in Rome do as the Romans do' refers to the need to adapt to the local customs when you are abroad.

What has the author Patrick Smith written?

Patrick Smith has written: 'A desk in Rome' -- subject(s): Biography, Catholic Church, Journalists, Social life and customs