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The sliding sports (bobsleigh, luge, skeleton) are considered the most dangerous sports at the Olympics.
Luge is by far the most dangerous, as they are the fastest, and exposed to high g-forces that limit their ability to raise their head and see where they're going.
Bobsled athletes are buffered by the sled
Skeleton, which might seem the most dangerous is the slowest, and the racers can drag their feet and/or dump the sled if they get into trouble.
Well yes because recently the one of the top bobsleders in the wolrl came off the track and slammed into a flagpole and died. That was just before Vancouver.
The crash at the Vancouver Olympics was a luge.

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Skiing is only dangerous when you are doing something stupid. It is one of those sports that if you're not paying attention you could get your self seriously hurt or even killed.

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yes u can DIE but its still fun if its not dangerous its not fun

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Yes! Because when you jump, you can fall and you can come to death or a serious injury! :/

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Q: What are the dangers in bobsleigh?
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